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01.03.021 published on 96 Comments on 01.03.021

“activation complete.”


Hey guys.  So…it’s been awhile.

Most of you probably know by now from the comment section of the last page or maybe through social media, but I’be had a pretty crazy few months for Nate.  Not bad crazy, good crazy, but crazy none-the-less.  The big news from Nate is that I’ve been offered and accepted a job working on the Google Doodle team.  AHHHH!!!


So in a few weeks I’ll be one of the people making all the cool little animated/illustrated homepage logos that change with the holidays/special events on the Google Homepage :D :D :D  This is crazy incredible, exciting, unbelievable and many many other emotion words.  The past couple months have been hectic with me leaving my job, packing up all my stuff, settling things in LA and heading north to San Francisco.  Life has turned upside down, and I’m actually typing this update on my way up to the Bay Area, so obviously things have not yet settled down yet.

So the big question right now is “what does this mean for leveL?” The answer is…it means something.  I start at Google in a couple weeks and I have no idea what my schedule is going to look like.  I don’t even have an apartment in SF yet, god help me XDD  Basically I’m in flux at the moment and taking things as they come.

But is this the end of leveL?  No.
Am I sure about that?  Yes.

As we all know I abolished leveL’s update schedule earlier this year in an attempt to better manage the comic and my life in general.  The schedule was too intense for me to keep up consistently, and it was kind of killing my enjoyment for what is, ultimately, my passion project.  That’s no good, so I thought just putting up pages as I was able would work well for everyone, but I didn’t know that I was about to get one of the biggest curveballs my life has seen.  My time was completely eaten up by the process of transitioning to Google (and at the time I wasn’t able to really talk about it) and the results were…well, radio silence.  Not good.

So how do we move forward?  Long and short…the update schedule is coming back!  *CONFETTI*  But it’s going to be in a different form than it was before, and it’s not coming to be implemented until I settled in SF and know EXACTLY what I can realistically commit to the project.  It’s not fair to you guys or to me to ask more than I can do, so I’m gonna make sure whatever schedule I land on is realistic and reliable.  I’ve wrestled really hard with wanting to put out complete, digestible chunks of comic like the segment above to provide a satisfying reading experience.  I like release 15 pages with a great cliffhanger rather than one page every-Wednesday-no-matter-what, even if that page ends mid-sentence and doesn’t make sense.   But I think I need to accept that if this comic is going to be made…if it’s going to push forward and it’s going to exist as a webcomic, I’m gonna have to get over that.

Better to have a webcomic with a blah premiere of new content than no webcomic at all, right?

SO!  For right now, leveL continues in the ‘as I am able to do it’ schedule until I have settled in San Francisco, at which time I will unveil a brand new Update Schedule that we can all rely on for the release of new content.  And full disclosure, content is gonna be sparse until I am settle cause I have to figure out this whole ‘you have a new life and new job’ thing….which I think is fair XD  But to anyone who would fear I would abandon or cancel this project:  That’s not happening.  Ever.  I’m 15 years into this story and it’s a huge part of who I am.  I couldn’t walk away from it if I wanted to.  It might be a bumpy road figuring out exactly the best form for it, but I appreciate everyone’s patience and support. The fact that anyone is still here asking for pages is incredible to me.  There’s a lot of road ahead…so yes it might be bumpy, but at least we are on the road together :D

And aside from all that real-life jazz….how about dat update, huh? D:  Poor Cael, that kid just can’t catch a break.

See you guys in San Francisco!!