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Hello, Mr. Swinehart. You may remember me from the flight from Chicago to Los Angeles; I complemented you on your sketches and you gave me the name of your website. I must say that I am not disappointed and enjoyed every page of the first chapter. Thank you for your artwork, and keep on doing what you’re doing!

EEEE!!!!!!! Nate, I am so happy to see you starting this back up again! And you are right, your artistic skills have come SO FAR in the last several years; this is GORGEOUS. I’m putting a bunch of these pages and your poster designs on Pinterest, hopefully you’ll get some clickbacks!

I shall be awaiting the next update WITH ALL ENTHUSIASM. ALL OF IT!! :D

I remember reading the original leveL as a kid and being fascinated by the world that was spun. It’s darkness, but the light that could still be found despite all the adversity and uncertainty.

It isn’t the same story, but I feel like a lot of the same themes have carried over with the cast. The reimaginings feel well thought out. Some of the changes, while surprising, are delightful, even to a chaotic degree.

I suppose what I’m trying to say in far too many words, is thank you for continuing to create leveL (even though updates are few and far between… But quality always surpasses quantity).

:O this comment really made my day, and made me want to be devoting more time to leveL again. The new comic hopefully feels familiar enough but is dealing with some different themes (part of getting older as an author I guess). I’v drawn leveL in some form since I was 16, I’ll probably keep going with it for the rest of my creative life. Hopefully with a bit more frequency than I’ve been able to muster recently :’)

Seriously thank you for your comment and making my day <3

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