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I’m extremely confused, can any one help me? I went back and I found the old leveL comic, and it ended with Cael going into a coma , and all of them are under the city . But now it seems like Reagan is a whole different character and that none of them have met yet. Can someone tell me if i missed anything?

Heeeey, Aly! Ahhh I can understand being confused x_x You’ve stumbled on the reboot of leveL, it’s a totally new comic! After a couple years away from the original I decided to rework and re-imagine the story…this is like a spiritual successor. You can check out the About Page HERE for more info on just what it is and why I decided to do it, but hopefully you are enjoying the new story! :D Happy you found your way back, even if it was kinda cofusing, lol.

Yeah so I didn’t notice Emory’s ear spikes in the last update; I was so entranced by the story and then the buster sword (oh, FFVII how you impacted my childhood…) and then the whole hand chopping off thing. But dang I love women with piercings!! No visible tattoos. Yet? *hopeful puppydog eyes*

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