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Interim Post

Interim Post published on 4 Comments on Interim Post

Hey everyone. This is just a temporary post to let anyone unaware out there know what’s up.

My Mom passed away unexpectedly in her sleep. It’s been a few weeks and I’m processing and beginning to move forward. Thank you to everyone who has reached out in support, it’s meant the world to hear from you and to know folks reading the comic have my back in all of this. Truly, it’s a source of great strength in a very very challenging moment.

I’m just now beginning to resume work on the comic, which makes me happy and is very comforting <3 I have some travel coming up for the next couple weeks, so updates will begin again once I’m back in June.

Thank you all for your patience, please know I’m very very eager to get the story going again and to get back to some sense of routine and progression. I know nothing would make my Mom happier than seeing me continue to draw and create.

I’ll see you all in June.