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Coming Soon published on 17 Comments on Coming Soon

This is not a drill.

Hi. It’s been awhile. So two years is a long time for an unintentional hiatus, but that’s apparently what was in the cards. SF and Google life was a bigger adjustment then I could have predicted (in a good way), but I feel confident now I’ve got the hang of this crazy setup.  In that time, I received an incredible amount of inquiry and encouragement about the comic. It blows me away and I can’t tell you all how humbling it’s been. Abandoning or allowing leveL to die has never been in my mind, despite any outward lapse in updating, so to see you folks stick with it through that makes me feel maybe I’m not crazy to be so attached to this thing.

So what does this mean?  What’s been going on?  I’ve actually been continuing to work on the project during this downtime, trying to figure out a way to bring you leveL in consistent and satisfying manner. And I’m happy to say after much planning I’m ready to be a part of the webcomicing world once again. A weekly update schedule is coming up way with a backlog big enough to ensure no lapses. A leveL you can count on. Please to look forward to it.

I’ll see you in a month, and then there’ll be no getting rid of me.