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leveL is full of colorful, complicated and challenging characters  (alliteration.  yes.)  Below is a short guide to some of the faces you’ll encounter as you read, along with a short bio.

NOTE: To avoid spoilers, these bios will only cover information currently published in the comic.  That means as we go, this list will grow and the details (and pictures!) will change.  Keep your eyes peeled…



Cael is a mild-manner, cautious teenager from the Educa Tier; the academic quarter and one of the higher of Level’s Tiers.  Though slightly anxious of new things, he is more naive than he is close-minded and can get carried away when talking about topics he finds passionate.  He is extremely sheltered, having never left his Tier until coaxed out by his unlikely friend, Wryn Fairweather.

His adventure with Wryn comes to a catastrophic conclusion when he begins to describe a recurring dream he has and it seems to seep over into reality.  We now join him three years after this event, known to the populace at large at “The Holopaque Storm.”  He has lived since then in quarantine at the bottom of the Apex Tier.   Completely secluded, the appearance of a spectre of Wryn seems to suggest all might not be well with this young man.


Reagan holds a position of significance in the Records Department of the Medis Tier.  She is hard-working and very driven, but also has a fiery temper that lands her in trouble, most recently resulting in the impending threat of demotion from her Tier.  She has one chance to prove herself with her final case, and it’s an opportunity she does not intend to pass up.

After her offer is rejected by Cael, she reveals to him that she is, in fact, working undercover with the unTiern and is here to get him out of the city.


Wryn is a cocky, out-spoken teen from the lowest of Level’s Nine Tiers, the Constru Tier.  Trained for heavy construction work, he has a keen understanding of the workings of the city’s structures.  He feels a great injustice at his position in life and thus has very little regard for the laws of the city.  He takes it upon himself to expose Cael to the world beyond the small bubble in which he has lived his whole life.

Wryn’s seemingly good natured intentions have a disastrous effect and he is tragically killed in the ensuing chaos brought on by Cael.  Three years after the event, some form of Wryn seems to linger, seen as a black spectre who appears to Cael in his seclusion.


Rain is a mysterious young man who appears at the bottom of the Traden Sprawl.  Chipper and rather good natured considering his surroundings, Rain embarks on mission of his own as the Sector around him is falling into anarchy. Meeting up with Emory after a tragic encounter with the locals, these two have their aims set on a much higher purpose.


Chaotic and beautiful, Emory is a force of destruction who seems to be harboring some pretty deep, pretty dark secrets. She is familiar with the workings of the Tiers and is Rain’s guide up through the city…the two have a seemly complicated relationship, and Emory motives are an affair she’s in no rush to share with those around her.


Jun is a lug pilot for the Tranpor Tier, but he refuses to let his seedy, low-level position get him down. A strong sense of honor and ambition drive him towards his goal of ascending to the High Tiers. He dreams of a better life and believe hard work and good deeds will get him there.


Jordan works in the Medis Tier alongside Reagan.  The two share a confidence despite clashing personalities.  Where Reagan is hot-headed Jordan is complaicent.  She dislikes conflict and also tries to see the positive side of things.


Erato is an imposing, mysterious figure from The Securn Tier.  Representing the Weapons Division, he approaches Cael after the incident with Wryn with a sinister proposition.


More to come…


Okay, so who is Emory?

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