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01.04.010 published on 19 Comments on 01.04.010

“Never hurt anyone.”

Hey so. We’re back :)

A long hiatus, a 100+ page script, a global pandemic. It’s been a lot going on.

Planning this chapter and creating this first update took a lot (lot) longer than expected, but obviously the whole ‘world ending’ thing kinda was a factor. But I’m happy to report that I am fine, all is well, and I’m locked and loaded to bring the comic back in full force.

I’ve done something very very different for this opening interlude (adding to the delay in starting up again), this was all done with a new technique and me trying to push myself into a new place stylistically. I’m happy with how it turned out, though it was a very long road x_X After this interlude the comic style will go back to as it was previously, which is mercifully much faster to produce. So look out for more updates soon!

The comic will continue to be updated in storybeat chunks, so look for 5-15 page updates intermittently! If you are every curious about the progress or want to support the comic even more, you can always check out and join the PATREON for sneak peeks and behind the scenes content! :D

As always I can’t say how much everyone’s support has meant to me. Thank you to everyone who checked in and helped out with me figuring out where to take this crazy story next. I’m very very excited about what’s ahead.

It is *so* *good* to be back.