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Hi Nate, just wanted to say that your comic is AWESOME! I absolutely love the artwork – all the colour schemes, all the quirky little details, every expression on everyone’s faces – and absolutely can’t wait to see where you go with this. Am definitely having a blast so far :) Congratulations on creating such an amazing piece!!

For some reason, no dates or page numbers are displaying on the website for me. I see “Published on May , by Nate”, “Published in leveL as part of Book Chapter – Old Friends featuring Emory, Rain, Tal on September , by Nate”, and on this page every comic link looks like “..” or “..-”

I’m using Safari, if that helps.

is this a remake of an older comic of the same name? I used to enjoy a comic of the same name years back but lost the address.

It is! A re-imagining of the same characters and world, but with a varying storyline from the original, so it should all feel like new content~! :D

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