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01.01.13 published on 7 Comments on 01.01.13

“I’m not gone yet, Jordan.”

Hello again dear readers, I hope you enjoyed the latest update of leveL!  Three new pages, two new characters, and one big time jump!

This sort of marks the true ‘beginning’ of the story as the prologue has officially wrapped up.  What has become of Cael in the ensuing three years?  Why are these two so shocked at the mere mention of his name?  What is Reagan running from?  Are Jordan’s glasses made of holograms??  There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to check back on 09/12 for the next installment!

And as always, be sure to leave Nate some comment love!  What do you think of the new characters?


I am very happy the pointy guy made Cael face the truth. Hopefully he won’t be a whiny brat this time.

Two women talking about something other than a man (the demotion). You pass the Bechdel test!

hehe, Cael is a different character this time around for sure. Time will tell x)

Ahh the Bechdel test. I am super happy to pass it but I hope I can do a lot more. If anything I just get upset by how much DOESN’T pass that test rather than feeling like its accomplishment meet its standards. Women in stories are amazing! That’s an entirely different rant tho, lol. Thanks for reading the comic and hope you keep coming back! :D

Welp, I just binged-read all the way up to this point, and I got some legit spine shivers at points. You have a knack for pacing and backgrounds (and many other things). This is really fantastic! I’m going to keep on reading.

I was a really big fan of leveL years ago, so I was pleased to see that you were starting a new version. Your art has changed a lot, but the new comic still has the same atmosphere that made me a fan of its predecessor. I am looking forward to see how you comic develops.

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