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01.01.32 published on 3 Comments on 01.01.32

“Play me the song.”

Ohhhhhh Reagan….I sure hope you know what you’re doing.

Had quite a good time with this update…it was nice to finally get to this sunset moment and put some color back into the comic.  I appreciated doing the very washed out scheme at the beginning of the sequence and I think it was successful in invoking the mood I wanted, but it’s nice to be in somewhat richer territory now :D  We are not too far from the chapter’s close…I certainly hope nothing unexpected happens :X

On the behind-the-scenes front, I’m still pretty thrilled about how much faster/less chaotic the process is now that I’ve started doing all the pages of the update at the same time instead of just taking one at a time through to completion.  I think the content feels more controlled and cohesive.  Hurrah for learning!  Ah we close this chapter and start on the next one I think I’m actually going to do a totally different pre-production process to sort of account for that new work method, but more on that later….

Apart from the update, I also added a new comic to the Links page:



I stumbled on SFEER THEORY in the Tumblr-verse, and the drawings are so good it’s sickening.  Plus the creators are handling an epic, large scale story in a really digestible manner.  It was exciting to find a comic doing what I’d hope to do with mine out there…especially to find one doing it so well :O  So go enjoy that while you’re waiting for my sorry slow butt to finish the next update X)

Also thanks to everyone for the super helpful feedback on how you find out about the leveL updates.  I’m going to be doing some slight adjustments tot he website by the end of the year, just to help things run a little more efficiently and be a little prettier.  ON THAT NOTE, if there’s anything about the functionality of the site that you find irksome or have a suggestion for running smoother, PLEASE let me know!   Comment!  Tell me!  TELL MEEEE!

SO :D  Be sure and check back in on 11/21/2013 for the next installment.  Oooh, that’s pretty close to my birthday too…I should probably do something special for that…

Until then, beautiful readers! :D


The face in panel 2. It’s perfect. And the emphasis on his hands! Because… his hands. They’re SPECIAL. I’m very glad that you are extremely good at drawing hands. If you were not, there would be issues. But there are no hand-drawing issues here, which makes me happy.

Despite the frightening hands, with Raegan there, I feel like Cael may be close to being eaten alive. o__o

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