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01.02.03-04 published on 21 Comments on 01.02.03-04



Hay everybody!  Long time no see…leveL is back from it’s 3 week pre-production hiatus and we’re diving into the latested installment, Chapter 02: Old Friends.  At laaaast.  At long laaaaaaaaaaaaast.  I’ve been waiting to draw this chapter for a very very long time…not only does it feature my favorite character from the old comic,  but we get to see a whole new part of the city I never explored!  Everyone say hello to Rain, we’re gonna be spending a good deal of time with this bandana wearing ruffian X)

I’ll add a little disclaimer that some of the details of this page might be tweaked down the line as their production was somewhat *ahem* rushed. In retrospect 3 weeks was not enough time to do both pre-production as well as produce an entire update.  In the future I might need to allow for more time between chapters…either that or chip away at the pre-production of the next chapter as I’m drawing the current.  In any event it was fun to change gears and focus more on writing and design instead of execution.  Hopefully you guys enjoy the results!

Also I am hoping to do that site maintenance I mentioned a couple weeks ago over the coming holiday break, as I’ll have a good amount of time off.  Look forward to updates to the Gallery and Cast Page soon!

Alright I think that’s all I’ve got for this week…leveL is now officially back to it’s regularly scheduled updating, so look for the next installment 12/26/13…a belated holiday present as well as the last update of the year!  Until then, enjoy the view.





I just re-caught up on LeveL and I’m loving it so far. The world you’re building is so interesting, and I’m liking the characters a lot so far! The page where Cael is playing “Air” was really gorgeous. And now, this mysterious character looks super cool. :U

AW YEAH, it’s Rain! Love his new character design, especially the pose on this page. Looking forward to seeing where this chapter goes!

Rain at laaast :3 and thanks! :D I think his design might have changed the least in comparison to the others, he was the one character from the original I was pretty happy with as he was, lol X)

The plaid hoodie is definitely new though…I kinda wanna steal it from him >_>

I like Raine’s new look. The setting is really cool as well. I guess it must be the bottom of Level, or close to it anyway.
Untierning sound fairly ominous, cant wait to find out more.

One mark of a Great artist is both style and story, and you have clearly mastered both fields! It’s visually stunning and wonderfully intriguing. The three-week-hiatus for me was particularly grueling, I must say. As a new follower, unfamiliar with the original comic, I congratulate you on your work and can’t wait to see the story unfold.

Oh awesome, welcome to leveL! And gosh thanks for all the kind words T_T I’m happy to be back and making pages again, and it’s so cool to hear from someone unfamiliar with the original, I happy it’s intriguing enough on its own to keep you coming back! :D

I’ve just found this and tbh, I don’t really read comics, they were never as good or just as intriguing as this is. The art is amazing and the dialogues are good, I’m going to sit here and await your pages. I assume you’re going on a page by page system by guess. Looking forward to the good comic, i read some other comments and there seems to be a older version/original, or am i mistaken? Again, it’s really interesting and the art and design was amazing, ‘Air’ was really well done and if i still had my memory about my piano lessons i could’ve tried to see if it was actually a real and playable song haha. Job well done, not sure if it’s my place to say it though. :)

I’m in a bind now, i found something really interesting and amazing and its still in the making but there’s another version (by you) in another site where i feel i would be missing out on this version if were to read that. What’s your opinion on what i should do :).

Holy mother of god, your drawing/art has improved leagues and crossed oceans! Amazing…..

Ahahaha, well it sounds like you decided to go back and look at the original XD I apologize for the agonizingly terrible art and story…I started the whole project as a means to teach myself to draw and write…so to say there are some growing pains there is a pretty huge understatement, lol.

In all honesty my advice is probably to avoid the original if you’re coming in fresh…even though the concepts are so different that its hard to even say the old story would spoil the new one. For instance the entire first chapter with Reagan and Cael amounts to 3/4 of a page of interaction in the original comic, lol. If you do read it it’ll become pretty apparent that the new story varies a lot and kind of just takes the bare bones structure and character models of the original.

And thank you so much for all the kind words about the new comic T___T I’m super glad it grabbed your attention and that you’re gonna stick around…’Air’ is indeed a real song, I think the page where it’s featured as a link to it but here it is again (it’s so pretty T_T):!/playlist/LeveL+Quiet+Violence/92713876

Updates happen every two weeks with a new batch of pages, I try to update with a complete story beat so that the reading of the comic isn’t too broken up (I also have a bad penchant for cliffhangers, lol) Thanks again for the awesome feedback, and welcome! :D

I thank you in return as well, in the end i decided to wait it out for this re-vamp, I did indeed look through a few pages of your older work and well… everyone needs a starting point right? My drawings and stories are quite terrible, not that they’re put together, haha.

Well it’s nice to know when the updates happen and how you’re planning on taking it, the vague info is enough and I can wait, been waiting every week for Manga and they’re more of a cliffhanger masters as they want you, to keep poking at their next chapter just to find out what happens next in which they have another prelude to more info which just keeps you coming back. I think it’s good in-a-way but obviously can’t take too long else it just pisses us *fans* off :P.

Fans :D :) ‘Air’ is indeed good, i enjoy anything classical as long it’s not too dramatic and i may just have the same view as Cael, it feels a bit sad towards the end, like it… argh… nevermind. I’ll await your ‘return’ with patience, a virtue forgotten by few and used by many.

Finished re-reading the comic – long time fan, was so happy during my intermittent checking on the site to see it back to life and even more fantastic! Can’t wait to see what this version turns out to be like :D

You mentioned in a comment above that Rain had the least changes because you were already very happy with him to begin with, and I was so glad for that as well!
He still has that feel to his smile that despite the stark differences in the original and current series, I suddenly feel at home again when I saw him! Rain always had my heart, and I can’t wait to see more of him too!

Also, pshhh don’t put down your old art! They were never terrible! They just got better and better, but at no point should you be embarassed about any of them! Regardless of influence or other people’s opinion! <3

Hiiiiiiii Lina :D :D

Yaaay, I actually struggled a lot with re-designing Rain cause there was something very specific about his character I didn’t want to lose…I’m happy he feels true to the original incarnation, and excited he kinda gets to be in the spotlight for this chapter <3 Rain is my spirit animal.

Awh, well you are very sweet, thanks for the encouragement :3 Honestly I have a hard time even looking at work I did a week ago without thinking it's awful, but I think that's just part of being an artist, lol.

Okay, I know I am late to this party, and as I write this I can’t remember how I jumped to this site…(the internet is like that) Also I’m pretty sure I am alot older than your target audience…But Holy Moses! I am commenting on this particular page (01.02.03-04) because so far it is the most stunning art… the colors, the attention to detail, especially the treatment of light. Amazing. I stared at it for a long time. I also really liked the music page, and the connection to the actual piece was awesome, but this page’s art is in a whole different category.
I look forward to continued amazement. Keep up the beautiful work.

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