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01.02.20 published on 4 Comments on 01.02.20

“Heeeeeey guys!”

Those two guys look friendly.  I’m sure they want to help Rain in whatever way they can, these four are gonna get along great :D

Say hello to Fitz (the larger) and Quint (the mohawk-ier), some new characters that were fun to come up with X)  We’ll see if anyone can catch my vague homage in their design, hehehe.

Apart from the new update, I also have been spending a lot of time working on a brand new Landing Page for the site with improved navigation.  I had hoped to have it posted this morning with the update but the internet gods have deemed otherwise, so it will go live later this week instead X)  Look for an annoucement about that, it’s gonna be super snazzy!

Our next update is 03/20/2014, I’ll see you guys then with the next batch of pages!


They look fun! Especially Fitz. He’s… dandy. Is he going to a ball or something? XD

On a totally unrelated note, you should add a link to the main page, leading to the first page of the most recent update. Otherwise we have to backtrack from the last page, and we get spoilers. It’s not a necessity, of course, but it would still be a fun..

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