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01.02.69-70 published on 24 Comments on 01.02.69-70

“I won’t let you down again.”

Well, there we have it.

With a huuuuUUUUUuuuge 15 page update, Chapter 02: Old Friends comes to a close.  It’s been a wild ride full of backalley dealings, rooftop chases and the loss of our new friend(?) Tal :(

The whole thing has been a big learning experience for me…I remember writing the script and thinking ‘I have no idea how I’m gonna pull of content like this’ and it’s been a pretty great challenge to tackle :3  I make no secret that Rain is my favorite character in the series, so getting to work on a chapter focused pretty solely on him was a really good time, the secondary characters were a lot of fun and the reveal of our old friend Emory (see what I did there?) was particularly exciting.  Tal’s death was something I knew we were leading up to the whole time but in the end it was harder to actually go through with it than I thought…I enjoyed her character and am sad to see her go, but hopefully that’s a sign of her role in the story being successful…

All that being said, this chapter marks the end of what I’d consider the ‘setup’ of the comic, and the following installments are gonna be a looooot of fun as we tackle the real meat of the story.  Who ARE Emory and Rain?  What’s the deal with those masks?  What on Earth was that terrifying thing Tal saw when she linked with Emory?  And what the heck is going on with Cael and Reagan??  These questions and more will be answered with the next chapter, and I can’t wait to start it!

Like last time, I encourage you to go back and read the chapter in it’s entirety now that it’s complete.  The story really isn’t meant to be digested week to week (part of why I did this last chunk as a single unit, I didn’t want to break up the climax), so now you can get a better flow for the whole story!

As with the last chapter’s completion, I’ve put together a little soundtrack of music which inspired and was instrumental in it’s creation.  Interested parties can check it out here:

leveL: Old Friends Soundtrack

Additionally, I have a very exciting announcement that I am going to be having a table at this year’s CTNExpo in Burbank, California! this November!  I’ll be sharing with the monstrously talented Dana Terrace, which is reason enough to come.  Anyone who’s a fan of leveL and in the area should absolutely show up, because I’m going to be signing printed copies of the comic!!  I’ll have more announcements about this as we get closer to the November 21st, so keep your eyes peeled at my tumblr and leveL’s tumblr!

This super exciting news comes with the sidenote that as I prepare for that rapidly approaching date, and as we have finished one chapter and need to start another, I’m shifting gears from page drawing and going into pre-production mode!!  This phase is always exciting for me cause I get to write and design and do layouts for a bit, but it does mean we have a longer wait until the next chapter gets going.

So, leveL with return with the first pages of it’s new chapter in four weeks, on 10/16/14.  Until that time keep your eyes on the leveL tumblr for announcements and little tidbits and teasers for the content to come.

REVISION IN THE TEXT! Due to a crazy unforseen incredible opportunity that dropped into my lap and I’m not allowed to talk about, I’m pushing the launch date one week to 10/23/14! Look forward to your new chapter then!

I hope folks are enjoying the comic so far…I also want to say welcome to all the new readers we’ve received from my little Be Nice To People comic  :D  It’s awesome to have you all along for the ride, buckle up cause we are in for some crazy times!

And everyone, please don’t feel shy and leave some comments about your thoughts on the comic, that feedback is super important for me to know what’s working and what’s not, plus it just makes the Nate happy!  Hang in there guys and I’ll see you in a few weeks!



Nooo… :( Tal is dead, i am genuinely sad, a masterful update, Tal was great and she will be missed. i look forward to the start of the next chapter – what has Cael been up to.
shame i’m in Britain otherwise i would so try to come to the exp, as it would be great to get a signed print edition

Awwwh, yeah I’m bummed about her as well…I did almost cave and have her make it through, but it’s an important aspect of the story that things go down the way they did…

Aw dang, well maybe one day I’ll make it over there for an event!! …that would be beyond awesome XDD

Thank you so much! :D

Heavens above, NATE! Ahhhhh!

I was scrolling through my tumblr and found that you had updated. Appropriately enough,
I choked on my drink and gargled an inhuman exclamation of what I can only describe as pure

I cannot tell you how much I admire your skills and over-all take on the story! Your angles, perspective,
executions (no puns intended for this chapter ahahaha*sobbing*), everything! Your abilities to tell stories
and keep the readers engaged/on their seats is astounding.

I am here for the long haul and will keep waiting patiently for the updates for as long as this is running! Keep
up the wonderful work and know that you’re super duper appreciated! <3

Aw gosh, THANK YOU!! That means so much really T_T I’m so happy you are enjoying the comic, even through this chapter’s dark events XD The idea of someone looking forward ot the updates and seeing what happens makes me unendingly happy!

Excited to have you along and for you to see the next chapter, it’s gonna be a goooood ooooone!

*Points upwards* What they said.

But seriously, I absolutely love the dynamic use of perspective as well as expression. The way you can use your technique as a tool for telling a story built entirely on gruesome secrets is absolutely fantastic. You also have a knack for drawing out the mystery while including enough meat that I don’t feel cheated as a reader. It’s what grabbed me in the first iteration of your comic, and seeing your skill pop that up to the next level (or LeveLs? Oh my goodness, pun not actually intended until just a second ago) is amazing.

Thank you, and keep up the good work!

Thaaaaaaanks Andrea!! I’m happy if readers don’t feel cheated or frustrated by the story, haha..I like the air of mystery and trying to figure out whats going on from the pieces you have in front of you, I think that’s half the fun of the comic :D More of that to come so I’m glad you’re enjoying it! <3 Thanks so much for the feedback!

My friend told me to check this thing out and OH MY FREAKING GOSH!!!

Dude!! This is amazing! I love the story, the characters, the art style, and really the entire concept of everything! I love it all! I can’t wait to figure out what’s going on with the weird masks and the visions. I also really want to know what’s happening with Cael and Reagan. This is really great and I can’t wait until the next update!!

And why can’t I live closer to Burbank? I would really like to get a signed copy… *pouts*

Hey Sophia! Welcome to leveL!! Ahhhh, I’m glad you are enjoying the comic, thank your friend for recommending it for me :D :D Hehehehe, you shall get answers to your questions, and of course new questions with the next chapter X) I’m happy you’re sticking around!

And no worries not being close to Burbank, once I get the initial run of the comic printed they will be available for everyone, and I’d be more than happy to send a signed copy, I’m flattered at the idea, lol! <3 Thank yooou and welcome again!

Wow. Look at those masks, look at their deeply unsettling interactions, look at Rain catching himself on the edge of the roof just to see Tal down there, look at that awesome cinematic last page, wow yes I’m so down for this.

But Tal, she will be missed. u_u

Deeply unsettling for sure T_T Emory and Rain have a really funky relationship, but I hope it’s not too much of a downer…things ending in turmoil is important for the events to come. Tal definitely will be missed, I’m happy readers connected with her cause I was afraid she wouldn’t come across as likable once she started getting relentless towards Rain.

And thank you for all the positive feedback vibes T_T I’m really glad you are down, cause there’s a lot more coming! :D

Hi Nate,
I had been waiting impatiently for the update, yesterday i kept refreshing the page when it downed on me: I am in France…that makes you 9h behind me…so I had to wait until today to read the update. I really enjoyed it, each update is really worth the wait. It doesn’t happen very often but I am so into this comic, I can never wait for the next update. As far as feedbacks go, I can tell you that you’re really good, with each update, at giving us just enough to satisfy us yet making us want more. I really enjoy your work, keep it up, my love to Eli!

HEY JUSTINE! Good to hear from you again, man I’m so happy you are sticking around the comic!! Sorry for the time difference (one of my best friends is in Paris and I get the same reactions from her about the time difference, lol) I’m super flattered you are into the story, I wish I could make it faster so you could read it more…but we will get there together!! :D

(And Eli sends his love as well! :D :D :D)

I like how the previous chapters open with a leveL Title Page, then a comic page, then Book 01 page, then comic, then Chapter page. Are you planning to add something like that to this chapter?
I also think it’s cool how each chapter has its own color scheme, but ends with a few pages of a different one.
Heck, I like everything about the comic! Can’t wait for 10/16!

I stumbled upon your work on deviantArt and couldn’t help but read the entire chapter at once. My only regret is that I know have to wait for more :P The boldness of both your style, colors, and the whole world itself are so vibrant and even breathtaking. Did I mention those colors? Wow.


Once again – the next update is on my calendar! I’m gonna have to say that 15 page updates needs to be your new standard :) I cringed each time I clicked next page because I was afraid it was the last page and you were going to leave me hanging!! But seriously, take all the time you need to keep the amazing quality of leveL!

I will add to your global reach by letting you know that I am actually in Okinawa, Japan (yes, home of Mr. Miyagi) so I won’t be joining you at the convention :-/ I will, however, continue to tell all my friends about this comic!!

Man I said I didnt know if I would read this again but I left the tab opened and I would check on it now and again. Glad to see the update. I am still liking it. It not just the graphics but the story is so intriguing. I dont know what you do for a living but I hope this blows up even bigger so you get some real recognition and some decent payout.
That way I could get some more updates.

All the best man.

That was amazing, my new favorite character now is Emory. The first was Cael, I miss him and his delusional*? self. Oh btw, when I saw that playlist’s name >Old Friends, I thought you were talking about a soundtrack from Transistor… it’s good, really, check it out if you have the time.

I’m FINALLY CAUGHT UP reading!! Oh my gosh, Nate. you just keep ramping this comic’s story and illustration up-up-up-up… The comments above already have all the gushing compliments. Just DANG, those creepy masks, I’m reminded of Skull Kid in Majora’s Mask and San in Mononoke – AWESOME designs! AWESOME EVERYTHING. I’m so glad you’re able to find time to make this comic Nate, SO GLAD.

I might get to see you in Burbank. I hope, I hope, I hope. <3

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