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Aww, Isaak. I know you’ve all shown us you have great stomping boots on the last page, but it’s no reason to come and stomp on people’s morale right now.

On a totally unrelated note, I just noticed that Jordan’s glasses are holographic.

Very nice page, as always.

Aw thank you!! Lol yeah Isaak is a real bundle of joy to arrive into our comicing lives X)

Yes her glasses are! They actually function more as a GUI than for prescriptive purposes. Always trying to balance how tech would develop…would they make holographic prescription or just fix eyes. In the end I think they are kind of a fashion thing too, esp since they change colors based on her mood XD

Ahhh, so that explains the color change. And it’s the very detail that made me notice them being holographic. My brain was all “Wha-what-waitaminute… these glasses were not that color 2 panels ago… oh… ooooohhhh! Neat”

And yeah, I imagine having a heads-up display in your glasses might be useful for a medic.

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