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01.01.06 published on 26 Comments on 01.01.06

Things are going well…

And thus ends the Launch Content of leveL!  I hope you’ve enjoyed what you read thus far and are excited for the pages to come!

Remember to come back for the next round of pages on 08/15/13, and in the meantime feel free to leave some comment love for Nate, he appricates it eversomcuh :)

Thanks again and see you soon!


mega strong start, oh wow. way stronger than last time, just jumps right in at high speed. excellent new designs, really harmonious with the story and imagery and everything. A++ reboot all around NOW NEVER STOP UPDATING AGAIN UNTIL IT’S ACTUALLY COMPLETED

Yay, Level is back.

When i started reading I doubted this style could reach the same creepy factor as the first level, but damn, that first chapter was cool!

please don’t leave again.

NATE! I’m a bit at a loss for words but I am just in love with this! Loving the new style so much and the story…OMG! I’m hooked and can’t wait to see what happens. Keep up the amazing work, you talented devil, you1

I am which Chico, was a bit startled by the complete reboot of your style and the story, doubted for a bit but was willing to give the benefit.

Been waiting a while….

Seems like we are in for some good things.

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