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01.01.10 published on 12 Comments on 01.01.10

“You’ve exhibited a remarkable talent, son.”

And there you have it, the first update of leveL! :D  Hopefully it’s as much fun to read as it was to draw.  The colors on the these pages were fun to do, as was the concept of adding some depth of field to the panels.

You may have questions.  Burning questions.  Who is this man?  Exactly what does he want with Cael?  Will our hero be able to overcome the loss of his friend?   Can someone really talk underwater so articulately??  Stay tuned for the next update on 08/29/13 to see what’s in store next!

And of course, leave Nate some comment love and let him know what you think!  Feedback drives him to make even more comic (he’s weird like that.)


No Cael nooo!!! Ah, The suspense!!! D:

Nate, these pages are beautiful, truly truly truly. Adding depth of field with the blurring does a lot for the clarity of the pages (haha, pun?), the focused areas direct the reader perfectly. Clarity in comics is a big pet peeve of mine but you’re doing everything PERFECTLY as far as I can tell! And of course the colors are awesome, but since it’s you coloring this it goes without saying. And I am seriously on the edge of my seat trying to reconcile this with the original story – I know you changed things a lot, but I’m all a-wonder whether old characters are going to show up and in what new form, and if the city itself is constructed the same… :D I am so excited, I am bouncing in my chair and want to give you a million hugs. Just – YAY.

Lauren, thank you thank you thank you :D Such great feedback, I am glad the depth of field is successful. It felt like a risk but it sounds like it’s having the intended effect, so that’s awesome! Hehe, the coloring was very fun, tho I’m happy the scene is over cause the contrast was starting to hurt my eyes to work on, lol. Oho, yesssss I am so excited to get further into the story so people can see how it all ties in. Thanks again for your awesome support, it’s so wonderful and encouraging!! :D :D :D

I just happened to be browsing my comic folder and thought about this comic again, only to find that a fantastic new reboot has started?! The art is gorgeous, I especially love the vibrant color, and I can’t wait to see where this is going!

This is fabulous. I’m a new reader, but I was referred by a long-ago fan who rediscovered your comic and wouldn’t stop shrieking “IT’S SO PRETTY” at me in Gchat. I had to come look, and he’s right. I’m so glad you decided to re-imagine it and start posting again.

New reader, yay!! :D Thanks for checking out the comic, I’m glad you liked it! Tell your friend I said thank you for the recommendation too! Happy that I’m not the only one out there with an appreication for the crazy colorful cityscapes, haha :)

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