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01.01.21 published on 10 Comments on 01.01.21

“I traveled over three sectors to see you today…”


Aaaaaaand Reagan and Cael are off to a stellar start X)  This is an exciting update for me…revealing Cael’s new design, these two characters finally meeting and also a bit of a return to form with me packing in more visual information into the pages beyond just the dialogue and action.

Some extra challenges for this update as well as far as dialogue is concerned….it might not seem complicated but I actually have 8 different versions of how this intro could have gone down, haaaaaaaa!  I’m happy with how the finals turned out, and also I think I learned a bit as well!  I also feel my style is slip-sliding around a bit but starting to land in a place I’m feeling comfortable…I’m definitely still enjoying the depth-of-field experimentation and kind of shocked at the level of cinematic quality it’s bringing x_x  So cooool.


Beyond the update I’m excited to finally announce the opening of THE LEVEL STORE!

I’ve opened up a little Society6 shop with some prints, shirts and other merch, some which is pretty silly (you know you want an I FEAR pillow)  Now that the shop is setup it’s actually very easy for me to add or modify content, so please LET ME KNOW if there is anything you want but don’t see, I am all too happy to accommodate :D


Also, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that folks check out the CAST PAGE.  Not only have the profiles been updated, but there might be another little surprise waiting for you there…



Lastly, I wanted to take a quick moment and gush about how much I appreciate the feedback I’ve been getting from you guys T_T  All your comments last week were so exciting and encouraging, especially on the dark nights of me drowning in rewrites for the current update.  It’s crazy how much just a bit of encouragement can be for pushing me forward (and this goes exponentially for all the poor souls who know me in real life and have to put up with me asking for opinions on drafts/progress)  Comment love is real guys.  And it’s amazing. YOU are amazing T_T <3 Thanks for being such an awesome group :3

And with that, I hope you all enjoy the new content, and look forward to the next set of pages on 10/10/2013.  Please to look forward to it :D

Nate out.




What a fantastic update! Favorite bits:

1. Cael’s intro. The fact that she walks in an he’s just glaring at her like she’s satan’s spawn, followed by some legitimate exposition (we find out he didn’t take the deal – I don’t know why this surprised me, but it did! I really like that this Cael knows a little more of what’s going on than the last version. It was the best way to handle a reboot, rather than making a bunch of your readers wait to find out stuff they already know), followed by instant back-pedal into his more natural tendency to be unassuming. I kept clicking on the next page, then clicking to go back, just because I enjoyed the impact of it so much.

2. All the little details in your designs – especially the warning labels on his apartment/prison. He lives in a one-room cell, doesn’t he? You opened with such a sweeping view of the city, and then to watch Reagan walk into what you realize is essentially a box made his world suddenly seem very small. Nicely done.

3. If I’m reading this correctly: that the one in the room who suspects that Cael might be crazy is Cael.

4. Did I mention the cast page? Because THE CAST PAGE. Not only is the animation fun to watch, it even manages to say a lot about his character!

Can’t wait until we get into it more! I want to start throwing theories around with some of the other readers in the room. Like: are Cael’s powers connected more to the physical world, or is it married to the technology of LeveL? Is Wryn actually Wryn, or is he a projection that Cael inadvertently uses to channel his abilities? Wryn clearly told him that someone was coming a few seconds before the door chime concurred so someone was doing some sort of jujumagumbo – but who/what/where/why/how/etc.

I spent an idiotic amount of time thinking about this, and had to keep telling myself to wait until we got more than a tenth of a chapter into the story. But! I actually enjoy compulsively thinking about stories that I like, so don’t mind me – I’ll be over here in the corner, talking to myself.

(Which is still probably healthier than talking to dead people.)

(Ooh, unless Wryn isn’t actually dead – just reorganized.)

Eeeee, thanks again for such fantastic feedback Andrea! :D

1. Yeah absolutely, Cael’s introduced more upfront here so that we are kind of all on the same page as we were with the reboot, but in this case that’s the intentional setup of the story, so the whole thing will still be exciting for everyone! Drawing fuming-Cael was really fun, he’s got a pretty good glare on him X)

2. Cael’s world is inded very small, though he does at least have a nice view. We’ll get into a bit more detail about what’s going on outside his quarters a little bit later…

3. Why would you think Cael is crazy when he CLEARLY told you he is not?? ;)

4. Hehehehe the case page was so much fun to do…working on the other characters now, it’s very exciting to see them come to life, even if just for a looping gif :D

You are asking all the right questions…it’s awesome to hear that the stuff I’m setting up is thought-provoking to read…there are more hints to come that should help with some of the questions! I especially like the one about the technology of the city of Level….

Eeee, thanks again for the great comments <3 <3 <3

Yeah! more comics, though I kind of miss the old art style though everything is nice and clear and easy to see in this style

Aw, thanks! I’m glad things are reading clearly, it’s always a concern of mine. Yeah I can understand, but even just going back and looking at the old comic I feel like even if this style is still a little rough on the edges its heading in the right direction…it’s definitely a lot more fun to draw :D Thanks so much for reading!

So I have to navigate my way to the seed comic page using a variety of links. Do you by chance have a simpler way of getting here? I would love to watch this progress,

Heya Kindle Kat! Aw thanks, I’d love to have you follow as well! The links do get a little tricky since I update with multiple comic pages at a time.

Every update I post a notification on tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and deviantArt with a direct link to the first new page, if you have any of those accounts that might be a good option.


Also there’s an RSS feed, but I admittedly know next to nothing about RSS so beyond giving you a link to it I can’t help much more, lol.

RSS Link:

I hope that helps and if there’s anything else I can do or setup for you let me know! Thanks for reading <3

OMG it’s back. I found this comic in my links on an old hard drive a year or so ago and went looking for the comic, I started reading it in 05? 06?… Well back when there were only three chapters up. And now you are back, looking better than before, … Well “better” is a relative term. I liked the colours and the dark moody eeriness of it from before. And I am full willing to give you a chance with the remake, I just loved it. I am telling all mah budds about this, BOTH of them!

Ahhhh thankyou thankyou :D :D I think the moodiness will return, don’t you worry X) I’m glad you’re giving the remake a shot, and gosh thanks so much for reading from such a long time ago! You really have seen the comic develop then, thank you for sticking with it T______T <3

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