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01.01.29 published on 10 Comments on 01.01.29



WAHOO!  FIVE new pages and we are burning through the Cael/Reagan intro!  Also had a surprise guest appearance by everyone’s favorite SpectreWryn, good to see he’s still (kinda) around.  We are nearing the end of this little exchange between these two crazy kids…I’m excited to move forward with the story as I feel like we’ve been cooped up in this little room for a long time….  Guess I should just image how Cael feels x_x

I went about these pages with a new workflow…instead of finishing a single page start to finish one at a time, I did a  one step for all the pages at once (i.e. all the sketches, then all the inking…)  the results were SO MUCH faster than my previous method, plus I felt I had a better control over the overall story beat since I could read it all at once in each stage and make adjustments if certain moments felt off.  Hopefully this will ensure more cohesive updates in the future!  Bit by bit I’m learning :D

On another note, I’m curious as to how most readers check the site for updates…Do you know and come looking on update day, or do you follow a link/rss post from somewhere lik facebook, tumblr, etc?  I’d be interested to know so I can make sure I’m not leaving anyone out of the update notices o_o;

Also I received some really encouraging emails this past week from readers….really gotta say again I can’t tell you guys how much hearing from you all motivates me forward.  COMMENT LOVE IS REAL GUYS.

So stay tuned to see what Cael has to say of Reagan’s not-at-all-ominous propositions. (Propositioning…honestly Reagan, you just met the guy…)  Next update is 11/07/2013.  See you cool kids then :D


The dynamic expressiveness of your style is fantastic – I love to see them swing between expressions (just like real people!).

You’ve got me supremely curious though: since Cael says that Securn is trying to trick him into helping them for revenge against the untiern, does this mean that Cael doesn’t remember everything that happened? Clearly he remembers that he blasted Wryn into water, and I had assumed that he knew the following disaster was his fault…but now I’m thinking that he doesn’t. Oofta, can’t wait for that realization to hit him – oh yeah, by the way, you killed thousands/millions. So don’t let that whole “Wryn thing” get you down.

Also: politics! I was wondering why Securn was allowing him to stay locked up rather than using him. The fact that Apex Tier is at odds with Securn is really interesting.

I love how you’re revealing the answers to a lot of these background questions, in extremely natural ways. It’s always jarring when one of the main characters has to hold onto the idiot-ball in order to pass on information to the readers, so the way you’re making this information come out in conversation is neatly done.

As to updates, mostly I check back in when I know an update is coming. I receive notices through deviantart too, but I’ve usually seen the update before then.

Andreaaaaaaaa, you are the best! Thank you for your feedback, it’s so thoughtful! :D

Yes we will be addressing exactly what Cael does and doesn’t remember about the event…it’s true it doesn’t make sense to be hung up on just a single person dying, even if it was his bestest and only friend…

You have no idea how glad I am you are able to follow whats up with the politics….setting up this sort of stuff is the worst x_x I feel like the dialogue gets so heavy…but if you are keeping up then that’s good, cause once this groundwork is laid we have nowhere to go but up X)

DeviantArt, OK! I’m gonna start doing the thing where I just update a single deviation that says the comic’s been updated and then send a notification to my followers…that way I don’t build up a but of different ‘hey, the comic is new :D’ images in my gallery…

I always know when it’s Level update week, but I often forget to check until I see your update on twitter. Meanwhile, I’m loving the interactions between Cael and Reagan! Can’t wait to see where this goes.

Twitter, great! I wasn’t sure if anyone was actually seeing those noifications, haha. I will keep them up!

Hehehe, glad you are enjoying the interaction, it’s a bit different than the first comic but still in the same vein I think. More good things to come there X)

I have all of the webcomics I follow in a very organized series of bookmarks grouped by genre and subgenre, and I check them every few days for updates, just cruising through all of them. (I follow way too many to remember update days).

The most helpful thing is when webcomics have a /latest link. Like, for example, would take you to the latest page. Wouldn’t work as well for batch updates like what you do, I suppose.

Wow, that’s awesome you are so organized!

I think what I’m going to do with a site update is change the landing page to have a link to the first page of the comic and a link to the first page of the latest update. That way new readers won’t have anything spoiled, plus it will be a quick and easy link to new content without having to like, go to the latest page, then back-pedal to the actual beginning of the update and get spoilers that way. Hopefully that will work!

Thanks Mason!

My life is madness. I don’t even know what week it is. I check back randomly because I like re-reading the pages, but I usually find out of updates through twitter cuz your account’s tweets get sent to my dumbphone. :)

Whoa, Raegan saying something not-sarcastic? I am impressed. O__O

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