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01.02.08 published on 8 Comments on 01.02.08

“Keep your mind on the job and nothing else.”

Haaaappy Holidays everyone!  I dunno about you but I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this time of the year than with an update featuring fist-fights, heavy drinking and general pandemonium!  Hehe, this was actually  a pretty challenging update, both technically and time-wise.  But everything came together and I’m super pleased with how much I got to this segment to look like it did in my head :D  I had a little too much fun with all the little folks running around inside the tavern, and I kinda want a pin like the one Rain has on his bandana…

Beyond the update itself, I’ve done a pretty thorough overhaul of the CAST PAGE with some new profile pics and character details.  Soon I’m gonna be putting up a new splash page…something to include both a link to the beginning of the comic as well as the first page of the latest update.

Also, we got an influx of new readers from a piece that was featured somewhere on deviantArt, so if you are new: WELCOME! :D :D  Thanks for checking out this crazy comic, I hope you enjoy the chaos within, feel free to partake in the tradition of leaving some comment love for Nate, as it makes him oh so very happy :3

I’ll be back with a new update on 1/9/2014….wow, 2014 already x_x  Everyone have a safe and happy New Year, I’ll see you in the future!


ah, i was wondering how the updates were going to work. 1 scene or whatever per update, is that how it works? thats cool, i like it.

About like that, yah. There’s a new update every two weeks (on Thursday), I try to tackle a single story beat so the update ends with a sense of completion….though often with a cliffhanger X) Just trying to avoid the ‘update cuts off mid-conversation’ thing, lol

You would be surprised to hear how that flow of readers came to be. Well here it is, that is, other than the Deviant Art.

-> If you are a fan of music and want awesome pictures to look at while you listen to music. You would be subscribed to this channel called Koala Kontrol. One of his videos has the picture from 01.02.03-04. I for one immediately became interested in the picture itself since it felt like it had a story behind it and at the moment i was crazy into any sort of creativity and stories just had my attention.

->So i went on the hunt and it didn’t take me long to find your site from Deviant Art as that member linked your site in his work and the channel/video linked his picture in turn.

->And Taadaaaa, here i am! And i hope there are others as well :). Thanks for mentioning the rough D.O.A. for your work. Waiting for more man, keep up the good drawing.

Hey Nate, hope everything’s going alright. Maybe I missed a news post somewhere (Do you have an actual news spot/blog here on the site? If so, boy am I an idiot – missed it completely), but under this comic it says you’d be back with an update 01/09/2014. Figured maybe the holidays didn’t letcha work as much as ya needed, or that your main job was slammin’ ya, or that you may have actually meant 01/16/2014. Now, I’m not trying to rush ya, or say you need to update or anything (I follow both Paradigm Shift and MegaTokyo…slow-updating comics are things I’m quite fine with), just hoping everything’s alright on your end.

Yo Mason! Thanks for asking cause I was afraid people might not see the announcement on the front page (the way the site is setup the announcement is at the bottom of the page x_x not as good as it could be) To answer your question: the comic is late to update because my cintiq pen went missing while I was home for break and I was left unable to work for a couple of weeks x_x

I’m back now with my cintiq and playing catch up, I’m aiming to have a new set of pages for this Thursday!

Stay tuned and thanks for being patient <3

Oh. Heh, yeah, that’s not really optimal placement, considering the size of the pages you use. Far be it for me to tell someone else how to do things, but A separate page titled “news” might be best. Heck, I’d say that ought to be the landing page, but that’s just myself.

But yeah, good to hear things are alright on your end. Lookin’ forward to the next update! :)

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