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01.02.15 published on 12 Comments on 01.02.15

“A special someone?”


oooOOOoooOOOooo, new character, new items and new locales are featured this week as we get a bit more backstory on the city and exactly what the unTierning of a Sector means (spoilers: it’s not good).  The character of Tal was actually featured in the original leveL, albeit only for a single page…happy to have her in the mix again, as I quite like her redesign :D

Also making an appearance is Rain’s dagger, lol, which took me FAR too long to redesign.  The first incarnation in the old comic was made from shards of glass and broken bottleneck…this time around I tried to have a bit more fun and it’s made of  sharpened protractors, rulers and tied together with a compass because MATH IS COOL AND DANGEROUS IN THE RIGHT HANDS.

Messing around as well with some new depth-of-field effects…getting closer to the look I want although I think there’s still some experimentation to do.

Also, welcooooome to all the new readers!   Some folks have joined up after a little slice of life comic  I put on Tumblr kind of made the rounds last week :D  Thank you guys so much for your support, I’m super happy to have you all along for this wild ride <3

Alright, I think that’s everything I’ve got!  Next update will be 02/20/2014 and it should be a doozy :D  Until then!


Yaaay! I’m among the folks who joined when I saw the slice of life comic. I actually recognised your name and went “Omg, isn’t that LeveL’s artist? That webcomic was awesome!!” and rereading the reboot totally made my evening. Thanks so much for the awesome comic! <3

Oh no kidding, that’s awesome!! :D I’m glad you found the reboot…you came in at a good time too cause this chapter is a fun one :3 Thank you so much for reading! <3 <3

I LOVE your story and eagerly await each new update. =D

Speaking of that…perhaps you might get some more people here if you post on your old leveL site that you have a reboot here. I might not have found your new comic (just as it was starting =3) if I hadn’t tried checking on what you were up to lately.

Also, would it be possible for there to be a button that directs me to the first page of the newest comic update? It would be a really nice feature that I’ve seen a lot of other webcomics use.

Wow! Really like the redesign of Tal. I was so curious about her in the previous version, so I’m excited that she now shows up a bit earlier. Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

Not terribly surprising that there’s a revolt if these are the government’s policies.
I actually don’t remember Tal, could a fellow reader show me where she is in the old version?

No joke, though technically we’re in the deep lower region’s of the city sprawl…it’s still not certain how much the upper portions of the city are aware of these activities…

Yes Tal was quiiite different, both in appearance and place in the story…she’s got a much different role this time around..

Ahh, I LOVE the Bokeh lights. I overuse them in my artwork, but you integrated them into the backgrounds of this update flawlessly!
Also Tal is… Oddly attractive. I like the detail under her right eye.

Aw, thank you!! This is my first time using the effect and I’m still trying to figure out the best way to impliment it without going overboard…I don’t wanna get too JJ Abrahams with the camera lighting effects (though I still really liked all the lens flares in the new Star Trek)

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