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01.02.23 published on 14 Comments on 01.02.23

“…you’re an Empath.”

It’s another week of revelations at Camp leveL! :D Tal proves to be a bit more glowy in nature than she originally let on, and seeing an Empath in action for the first time they are a great deal less catatonic and drooling than we’ve been led to believe. More revelations to come, I’m quite excited for the section of the comic that’s coming up :3

That being said, this update was a bit rushed due to some real world circumstances, and once I’ve the chance I will most likely revisit the page of the psychic-link between Rain and Tal…all the info I wanted is presented, but the drawing and composition feels still like a first pass to me and I’d really like to make it looks a bit nicer/clearer. For now though, hopefully it’s somewhat intriguing and pretty to look at x)

Lastly, I’m launching a new Landing Page for the site at long last…this is a first pass to try and make getting to the beginning of the latest update a bit easier, and add some prettiness to the site as well :D You can check it out HERE!

That’s all for now! Our next update is 04/03/14, look forward to seeing things continue to escalate! :D

UPDATE: Hey guys I’m pushing the update to next Thursday! I was out of town last week and not able to work on pages, and I’d rather give this sequence the time it deserve than squeeze out sub-par content…so I’ll see you guys on 04/10/14 for the next installment!


Beautiful front page! It gives an impressionof somewhat newfound freedom and marvel. Your link,s broken, though. (There’s a missing “l” in the url)

I really love how those sickles gets out of the frame in that last panel. It really gives a depth perception, as well as a treath warning. Tal’s eyes are terrifying (especially 2 pages ago). Do all empath gets freaky eyes like that, or just the evil chick ones?

Aw, thank you!! Link should be fixed now, this is what I get for trying to type code on 3 hours of sleep, lol

Tal’s eyes were a particular challenge but I wanted them to feel like and infection seeping out :X We’ll find out more about the nature of Empaths, but they are all generally follow the same path…

Oh man, I was just browsing around some older webcomics and was delighted to find this was back! I was a fan of the old Level, but this one is so much better so far. I like how you don’t waste any time getting into the nitty gritty of the storyline. The art is fantastic too. Also, I love the theme changes on the website to match the comic pages, that’s really cool. Keep up the good work!

Yessss, thank you for noticing the theme changes! They are a subtle thing but I think they help the story be so much more immersive :D Glad you found the reboot and are enjoying it so far…only more fun on the horizon, heheheh <3

I kinda like the idea of her sticking around as a character after this little altercation has been sorted, possibly if and when she meats Cael teaching him about his powers.

Yesss, the two do seem to have some things in common, no? Though Cael does still insist he’s not an Empath….hmmmm

i recon he’s just not the sort of empath the Securn or apex Tier let the populous know about, that dude earlyer ‘the securn tiern’ was keen on making some sort of deal with Ceal, i suspect to get him to be part of some sort of special ops, for active empaths as apposed to the ones that have no control, and end up dribbling wrecks.

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