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01.02.43 published on 11 Comments on 01.02.43


Six new pages of comic and Rain still can’t catch a break X) This was an extremely fun update to draw…all the movement through the holo-rails was a blast to work out and actually made me want to animate this sequence, lol…maybe one day :3 Wi sh I had had more time to come up will silly shop names for all the signs as well…right now Rain is blasting past the ‘shopping district’ of this old Sector, which is what the Traden Tier is known for. This whole sequence is starting to look like Triplets of Belleville meets Tron…the mashup everyone’s been waiting for, lol.

Beyond the new pages we have some updated Cast Bios! AT LAST! Working out some backstory for Tal’s stooges was fun, and I like how her profile image turned out as well.

We are easing into the climax of Chapter 2 (DUN DUN DUNNNN!), look forward to more glowy-actiony-goodness!

UPDATE: The next installment is being pushed a week due to me being out of town for family shenanigans. Look forward to new pages on 07/17/14, see you crazy kids then!!


Phew, just finished reading through what you had, and I gotta say… it’s grand! I used to be a huge fan of the old version way back when, and regarded the comic as a great inspiration for colour, backgrounds, and designs. Not sure what spurred me back into finding this again, but I’m glad I did! You’ve improved leaps and bounds, and it’s great to see you only getting better at this comic thing, haha.

I’ll be looking forward to the update when it comes next, so until then, cheers, and it’s great to see you back at it again.

Aw, thanks!! I’m so glad you found the comic again, it always makes me really happy when old readers find the reboot…and even happier when they like it, lol. Guh, and I’m super flattered by all the nice art comments T_T That really helps motivate me to keep goingggg! :D :D

Glad to have you along for the ride, lots of fun stuff is ahead!! X)

Likewise, I’ve been an avid follower since way back toward the beginning, and it’s amazing to see how the comic’s evolved since then. I’ve seen so many awesome old comics go defunct over the years and I’m really, really glad this wasn’t one of them. Your art is so amazing and unique, I really wish I were creative enough to do what you do. Keep up the amazing work, man! :)

awww, thank you so much! and thanks for reading for so long! :O it’s been quite a journey…I’m kind of curious to see where it ends up leading, lol, but for now I’m just enjoying the ride too X) I’m sure you are plenty creative too, just keep creating and you are bound to get better at it! :D

Wow! Another old reader here. At first I wasn’t sure what to think of a re-do, but you won me over in all of about 3 pages! Your artwork is so improved but there’s still similarities that make the characters recognizable, and that great colourwork that I remember. Very excited to see what’ll happen this time around!

hurrrah! I’m glad you are down with the reboot, I try to make it have the same spirit as the old but still be free to be it’s own thing….kind of an interesting challenge, but it makes me really happy to tear people enjoy it! :D

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