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01.02.47 published on 8 Comments on 01.02.47


Oh Tal. What are you doing, my dear?

Wahoo this was a fun and pretty fast update…working with color shifts is always a bit tricky but I was overall pretty happy with how this one worked out, and also with some of the page layouts…trying to push things past my sort of natural ‘storyboard’ mindset for some cooler compositions. We’re honing in on the climax of the chapter, I hope everyone is braced for impact :3 :3

Beyond the new pages, some of you may have seen that I updated the Cast Bios once again with a new animation for Reagan!


Man…remember Reagan? And Cael? I wonder what those two crazy kids are up to…

Next update will roll out (REVISION) 08/07/14 (DUE TO UNFORSEEN COMIC-CON TRIP), please to look forward to it!! :D


Hey! My friend, and former roommate, Eli, whom i believe you know, told me about your work. I really enjoy it. I was hooked from the very first pages. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the rest of us!

Tal’s face in the top right corner of this page- o.O haha
I think this is the most beautiful and interesting update so far. I love Tal’s brutal determination violently clashing against Tain’s ‘avoid and evade’ attitude. I can’t wait for the train scene and Cael’s affairs to unfold too!

:O Whoa now Tal that is some wild tenacity!
I’m another old reader who’s so psyched to see how much your style and skill has grown! As much as I missed seeing leveL update over the hiatus, I gotta say, so worth the wait. :)

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