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01.02.52 published on 9 Comments on 01.02.52


Rain noooooo. You were so clooooooose! Five new pages, and Tal is playing for keeps. :X We’re honing in on the climax of this chapter (which is actually the longest of any chapter yet! Wahoo!) This update was a much bigger undertaking than I’d really anticipated, including a whole new website color scheme..and though I’m happy with the flow of the pages, I’m definitely going to go in and refine some details and coloring before I take this one to print (except for the red of this page. I like the red :3)

Beyond the new content, I’ll be having an exciting announcement in the coming weeks aw well, so everyone should stay tuned for that! Our next update will be 08/21/14 and it’s a doozy. PREPARE YOURLSELF.


I am constantly impressed at your ability to provide cliffhangers! So good!

…Feedback on the new site theme: the comment box has black text on a grey background. It’s a challenge to write this. I do love how the theme fits the last page, though!!

wow love the comic, Tal i shaping up to be my favorite character, i hope she gets fleshed out with backstory and all. also the red of this page is great.

Awesome! I’m glad she’s likable, I was afraid she came off as too much of a villian…not that my staging and lighting of the scene has anything to do with that impression, lol

naa the way i see it is she is someone who has had a tough life and has had to learn to use her skills, she’s ruthless and dangerous because that’s how she has been able to survive (not to mention her special skills), this gives her the potential to be an anti hero or a villain, other than an indication that she is willing to kill and steal to get waht she needs we don’t know much about her.

Phew, Tal looks quite intimidating in the last panel – and I love it! The unexpected website change really sets the mood bar high, and it’s really great to see you putting it into consideration with updates. Very clever if I do say so myself. Damn these cliffhangers. I look forward to the next update!

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