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Ok. I know you’re a busy guy. But . I have to say, when I saw this pic of Rain.. I subconsciously expected him to be wearing a kilt.
Stay with me now… tartan hoodie; that thing around his head… looks suspiciously like a tam with clan emblem.
Ancient Scots are often portrayed with, um, .. things, in their flowing hair… (image of M Gibson as William Wallace comes to mind)…
and is that a kilt/sash broach he is wearing in frames 01.02.55 & 01.02.56??
Is it my scotch blood, or yours, subliminally adjusting his attire?
I like the tartan hoodie.. don’t know if it’s difficult to render, it seems to come and go… but it gives interesting texture
and,… makes me root for a Scottish Rain even more. ; )

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