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01.03.002 published on 13 Comments on 01.03.002

“Cael…they’re waiting for you.”

All too apt of an opening line, don’t you think? X)

After an extended pre-production hiatus, leveL: Chapter 03 – FUGUE has begun!

It’s really great to be drawing pages again after all the prep time…I will say that this was a much more intense pre-production than I was expecting, mostly because this chapter has ended up being more than twice as long as I expected. That’s right, this is gonna a long one folks (for comparison, Chapter 02’s script was 18 pages compared to Chapter 03’s 40 PAGES, oof!) That being said, it’s my favorite chapter so far and features a lot of the events I’ve been waaaaaaiting to draw for so long. We’re gonna have fun with this one :D

So a couple new pages and we are in the midst of what seems to be a flashback of some sort. Certainly good things will happen…good things always happen in this comic. This content release is a bit light due to my artist time being divided at the moment between leveL and getting everything organized for CTN at the end of November…updates will continue but I’m really gonna pick up speed with content come December when this is the only thing on my plate. I CANNOT WAIT. CTN is gonna be fun but MAN it’s a lot of work to get ready for, lol. I do hope to see some of you folks at the Expo and that you will come up and say hi to the scruffy blonde kid with a stack of copies of his silly sci-fi comics :D

Beyond that, not much to add with this update..I am going to give the Cast list a much needed update and the addition of dear Emory to the ranks.

That being said, I will be back with another set of pages on 11/06/14, please to look forward to it, dear readers!



Ahhhhhh lookit the bby Cael!! <3 <3 <3
The lighting and backgrounds of these two pages is absolutely deliciouuuus.
I'm curious as to how this will fan out… I don't know if this is Cael's mother or instructor or
whoever, but I also don't know how to feel about them.

Will they be the kind and gentle type? Or does the lighting of the cigarette and side glance give
off a bit of an arrogant approach…?

I'm so excited for what's up next and I don't know what to expect! I'm super glad that everything
has been going well for you and hope that you continue to have the greatest of opportunities!
Thank you for your work and can't wait for the next update!

XD lil babby Cael, looks silly in that suit, haha.

Yes we will definitely learn a bit more about her in the upcoming pages…readers of the old comic might recognize the character too…

Aw thank you so much!! It’s been an exciting and exhausting couple of weeks, getting everything ready for CTN and work and all that. Exciting times are ahead!! <3 <3

this comic is pretty much the best thing ever, Nate
also, your use of depth of field is amazing and I love that you pay attention to details like the dust in the air and stuff like that.
I’m gunna buy tons of merch, let’s hope I don’t spend all my money on it haha :)

I keep forgetting Cael plays the piano. Dude, I play piano. Not as socially as him of course. I play videogame background music. =P I cannot wait for this chapter to update. So hurry. Please. It’s very well done and freaking fantastic. So yeah. Hehe.

Holy crap, I’ve been reading and loving this comic since I was 15! Every couple of years it occurs to me that leveL once existed and I once really liked it, so I pop in to see if it does still exist. And I must say, this has been my absolute best revisit thus far. The characters are so much more polished, the new class system is fascinating and the art is glorious. I am so happy I stuck around this past decade or so.

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