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01.03.011 published on 20 Comments on 01.03.011


Hello loyal leveLians! After a brief absence, I’m happy to return with some new pages and the end of the Prelude to this chapter!! Cael’s dream ended up being more of a challenge to draw that I’d anticipated….lots of crazy effects and new environments, plus the pseudo-dreamlike naturel of things let me push the visuals and colors a bit, which is always fun. But Cael is back in the real world now…not that things seem to be going much better for him there >_>

Thanks to all those who reached out to me about the delayed update. I was struck down with a fever and, being the foolish Nate that I am, tried to work through it and still hit the update on time. The fever didn’t like that very much, and I ended up out of commission for 3 days. OOPS. An added apology to those who didn’t see the twitter and tumblr announcements about the delay, I had thoguht that was how folks got update info, but from now on I’ll add a note to the latest page update if there’s any unexpected changes in schedule. It’s good to know folks are looking out for the updates tho!

That being said, our NEXT update is very special this year, as it actually falls on Christmas Day! That’s right, tune in for a very yule-tidy leveL update on 12/25/14 …which means that Christmas is only 2 weeks away. Which means I need to start shopping o_o

Until that time, happy winter season to you all! Those of you in snowy places, enjoy it, I am forever jealous stuck in the never ending same-day-ness of Los Angeles!

EDIT: Holiday madness has gotten the better of me and the yuletide season has swallowed all my time for an update this week. I’m going to start up again after the festivities, but I am now working remotely on my little cintiq companion, so my drawing capabilities have slowed considerably. A new update is on the way tho, and to give myself proper breathing room to get it finished I’m pushing it until 1/8/15. A happy and safe New Years to all, I’ll see you on the other side with more pages!


If it snows in Cincinnati I’ll send you photos. :D YUCK, FEVER- I’m glad you’re better!

I LOVE the effect on his hands in this page!! And it makes me wonder, if there’s a security camera in his solitary abode, what the heck the security guard thinks of the light show. O__O It’s so interesting that Wryn appears to be both a tormentor and a comfort/helper to Cael. And is he even really there?… I’ll be reading on Christmas!!

YES PLEASE! You guys already got quite a bit, didn’t you??

Eheheh yes the Cael/Wryn relationship is a…messy one. But very important…the next sequence is going to be very interestingggggg (I’ve been waiting to draw it for awhile :D)

Yeah, this week the weather is “interesting” I think.

I actually had to bring my computer in off the patio last night, afraid it would get wet!

Looking forward to sameness again. I had too many years shoveling snow, being hours late for work because of a blizzard, and trying to figure out what to do with kids who are suddenly not going to school.

Got a funny call here the other day though… School called to say “despite the rain, school WILL be open!”

When I lived in Alaska I had to shovel snow off the roof…THAT was an experience. No snow days up there tho, despite hundreds of inches of snow a year, haha!

Cali weather is not so bad, they at least picked a nice day for it feel like over and over again, lol. I am interested to see what the weather is gonna be like since I’m moing closer to downtown….probably a lot hotter :|

Yet another reason to be horribly impatient for Christmas to come.

If you want varied weather, come to Florida! Movie directors hate shooting in the Sunshine State because it’s almost impossible to make two parts of a scene, filmed ten minutes apart, look like they were shot in the same WEEK. Ask Tim Burton about filming Edward Scissorhands in Lutz, Florida.

Of course, there’s no snow, but we usually think that’s a good thing.

And I wouldn’t recommend coming in the middle of summer unless you want to melt and/or burn to a crisp.

Just stumbled across this beautiful comic today and now I’m caught up and I just wanted to say that I love it. I absolutely love it! The story caught me in an instant, and I couldn’t stop reading. The visuals are beyond incredible – I am amazed by your grasp on lighting, especially those stunning glow effects!! Ahh, I can’t really express all that I love about this story, but I felt that it was important to express my appreciation for it. I feel the need to draw some of your characters (namely, Rain, because he is far too endearing for his own good). And the landscapes! My gosh, they are magnificent!! I am very much interested in the way the story is unfolding, so many questions, I cannot wait for the next update! <3 <3

Long time lurker, because… well, I don’t know all that much about comics. Or art, for that matter. But I know yours is … incredible.
I’ve been reading it for a while now, and honestly, every one of your updates so far has made my week.
So, I’m guessing you’re really busy or have gotten sick (in which case: Get well soon!) or were blocked or have some other reason why you couldn’t post the newest update, so I just wanted to say: I’ll wait as long as it takes. Because your work is amazing, and I love reading this. I am stunned every time I look at it, and obviously there’s a lot of work behind that.

And well, the story’s got me hooked as well, so :D I’m sticking around.

So: Thank you for giving us these little “presents”, I absolutely love your work, and… Looking forward to the next update! But, as I said – I’ll wait for as long as it takes. ;)

hey Reyla!

Thank you for unlurking :D I explained my absence in the newest update, sorry for being away for so long :O I am happy you are sticking around tho! More exciting things are ahead, this is gonna be a really exciting chapter :3 :3

I’m in New England, snow is overrated, but it’s nice to finally get a winter that feels like winter. Except for last week when I worked overtime dispatching tow trucks all over the US, then when home only to discover I couldn’t get in the driveway to park with the other tenants, had to drive back to work to leave my car there overnight. That just sucks. Nice to see you updating again.

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