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01.03.014 published on 58 Comments on 01.03.014

“I told you…stop calling me that.”

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

HI EVERYONE!  Nate and leveL are back after an extended absence!  For those of you that noticed, I’m sure you’re wondering ‘Where have you been?’  Well, December/Janaury kinda kicked me in the butt. Holiday travel, my sister getting married, moving to a new studio AND moving to a new apartment occurred all at once.  As such, my work time and energy kind of puttered out.  I should have taken a leave of absence from the comic for it all but to be honest I didn’t realize how insane it was all going to get.  HOWEVER I am not here to make excuses for scheduling, I’m here to draw a comic.  Which brings me to my next point…

Folks may have noticed that the update schedule has been…inconsistant at best.  That’s a pretty bad thing for a schedule to be.  In fact it’s the opposite of what it should be.  When I started the comic, I had a big buffer of completed pages and pre-production work for the following chapter, so the two-week deadlines were easy to hit.  As time went on, not only did I eat through all that content, but the pages themselves became more elaborate productions.

leveL isn’t and never has been a comic that’s well suited for short incremental updates.  You lose track of what’s happening in the story, the moments don’t play out as they are meant to, and (worst of all) as my schedule has become more rushed I’ve been forced to put out work I’m not happy with to satisfy the schedule.  Shoddy work goes out and deadlines get missed.  Nate gets unhappy.  The skies darken.

Maybe you see where I’m going with this.

As of today, I’m scrapping the update schedule.  Instead of every other Thursday, I’m going to be updating the comic in larger, more complete chunks as they are finished.  Entire scenes and story beats (don’t worry, there will still be cliffhangers.)  Not only will I be happier with the work I’m producing, it’s going to make for a better reading experience.

Now before we start going all mob-mentality about this, let me promise promise PROMISE you all that this doesn’t mean I am quitting the project, or that I will be working on it any less.  That’s not even a little bit true.  This isn’t a breakup letter, if ANYTHING this is gonna have me working more on it because now I have the freedom to do what I want.

If anyone is bummed by this, I promise you we’re going to get a better comic out of it.  There is some seriously awesome stuff coming up in this chapter, and for as much time as I’ve put into it I sure as hell don’t want to rush it and put out something lackluster.

So how will you know when the comic is updated?

You can follow any of the following:

the tumblr
the twitter
the facebook

I’ll be posting all leveL updates, news and sneak-peeks as well, so do that if you haven’t already!

Also, with the original incarnation of leveL, I had a little status bar that showed what stage the next page was at (sketched/inked/etc) so you had an idea how close we were.  If that’s something you guys would like let me know and I can impliment it.  For that matter, let me know ANY thoughts you have about it.  A passionate outcry for the return of a set schedule could make me reconsider (you’d have to be really convincing tho), but this is definitely a community and your thoughts and ideas hold a lot of sway with me.  Speak up!  Be heard!

(Also, I wouldn’t mind hearing what you think of the update.  Crazy about that stuff with Cael and Wryn, huh?  What’s up with those two?)

Alright, I’ve blabbered enough.  I will see you all in the comments section and also see you SOON with more pages!  Exciting things are ahead, so stay tuned!


I wouldn’t mind seeing the status bar return :) Vague guestimates about potential release dates as you’re working on the updates could be cool (like: “Eh, I got some pre-production work done the past week or two, so update in maybe roughly 2 weeks” kinds of info would be cool to see, imo). :)

As for the update, I really like how the middle page is “silent”. Gives it a neat and eerie feeling.

(Also, heads up: If you navigate a page back from the start of the new update the forward buttons stop working, as if one is at the end of the comic. I believe it has done this since your last website update, but I’m not completely certain. Firefox 35.0.1 , Win8.1 x64. Note that it does NOT do this in Opera 27.0.1689.54. Weird).

ok cool, I’m glad to hear people appreciated it in the past. I’d have to figure out site integration for it, bit I’m sure that wouldn’t be too difficult :D

good I’m glad the eerie silence worked…I also could have seen classical music over it, or just the ambience of the city…man I shoudl jsut break down and make leveL into a movie already, lol.

(yknow that happens to me sometimes too, it seems to be something to do with the cache history of the page? does reloading that page fix it at all? I’m not sure cause I’m not the tech guy behind the page, I’ll let him know about it tho)

Hey Nate.
Love your new pages and your comic in general. As it happens I’m also an artist and knows the stress of creation… But it’s amazing artists like you that keeps me going! You inspire me to do my best and be happy with what I do. I look at you and think. “this guy can do this. So what’s keeping me from doing the same.” With time and practice I hope to reach your level one day. Till then I’ll enjoy your amazing work! I hope your days will be less stressful from now on out and that you still have time to enjoy the company of friends and family.

P.S. congrats on to your sister!

Heeey Martin :D
Gosh I can’t say how encouraging it is for ME to hear that, I’m super flattered to be an inspiration to anyone, thanks man! And keep creating, it can be stressful but we are all here doing it cause we love it, don’t forget that :D

And thank you for the congrats to my sister, it was an epic wedding and she looked mahvelous. Plus I got to dance like an idiot all night long, which is the most I can ask for out of an event X)

It’s a shame we won’t have an update every 2 weeks or so, but at the same time I completely understand. Take your time and do what you feel is right, imo. I’m pretty sure everyone who’s stuck here through all the years will wait for whatever you have in store! But regardless, these last few pages are really stunning, and I always loved the effects you did with Wryn – he just looks very cool. The middle page is what gets me though, cuz you managed to do the expressions and actions so well without having any sort of text or noise – I commend you on that.

Keep your chin up, and we’ll all be here when you update again!

I’m bummed to lose the consistent update as well, but I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t think it would result in a better comic overall.

Hahah, its funny cause the effects for Wryn are actually really really simple to create, I love drawing him cause it doesn’t take too much time, he’s just a sketch!

Aaand I’m glad that middle page worked! I was nervous about it not reading well, phew!

Thanks so much! :D

I’d love a status bar too! I was poking around your social media literally just yesterday to see what was up. I’m glad you’re still alive and that Cael’s story is still unfolding. :D

I tend to follow you through That also allows me to keep track of everything I follow in one place. It’s not a perfect site, but it suits me well enough & I thought that perhaps it also deserves mention in your list, above.

Keep up the great work & know that I will read your stuff as soon as it comes out.

I loved the old update bar!

I’m on board with bigger chunks, too. As for the update, I’d been wondering how much time had passed between chapter one and this chapter. Hoping we’ll see more of Reagan too!

Update bar it is!!

OH that’s a good question…well she’d said she’d leave the bracers overnight and be back in the morning for his answer, so this is the middle of that night after she left X) And don’t worry she’s definitely on her way back, that sneaky Reagan.

Ahhhhh Nate bby! It’s so good to hear from you again!

And wow, what wonderful scenes we are thrusted into. I love the fluid motion
of Cael falling down the stairs to the parts where ‘Wryn’ is helping him. So much
of the glowy, flowy goodness that we’ve come to know and love from you! <3

I completely support the fact that you're scrapping the schedule, especially since it does put quite
a burden sometimes on the shoulders. I say do what you want and your dedicated fans will continue
to stay here and wait patiently for your beautiful updates!

Make sure to take care of yourself as well and I hope everything goes amazing for you! Loving everything
you're doing! Keep up the great work!

Heeey Sub :D

Haha it wouldn’t be leveL without the glow X) The scene was kinda hard to figure out, so I’m happy if its reading clearly at all!

Hahah well beyond just the stress on me, I want the comic to be the best it can be, and with a lot of updates I’ve had to cut corners to get it out the door on time…that makes sense if it was a job or something like that, but the schedule was completely self-imposed and I’d rather make a good product than create stress or lackluster results X) I’m glad you are onboard with it!

Thank you again for all the kind words :D :D

Just want to second: I also love the ‘glow’. Your use of colors has always been amazing.
As far as updates… Gaining biweekly updates on Dresden Codak, losing them on LeveL? It’s a funny world. I do like the idea of larger, more coherent chunks, though. I very much trust you to tell the story as you feel is best!

Irregular updates? That’s what the RSS feed is for. ;) (Literally. That’s literally why WordPress incorporates an RSS feed.)

I had forgotten about the status bar on the old comic; with the RSS feed (I like RSS! So sue me!) it isn’t really necessary, but it might be useful to be able to make sure Nate is still breathing…

haha, SWEET! I’m glad people use RSS, one day I need to figure out how it works and set one up for myself, lol

LOL I could just incorporate a little status bar that says “Nate is currently: Alive/Dead” That might be even more useful XDD

– I thought no one survived the holidays? -Nate never dies, dude… he’s just missing in action!

Well, you know… with you being the artist and all that giving us an awesome coming containing a part of your very soul and all, I think we’d be very ungrateful if we insisted you kept an update schedule you are uncomfortable with. A vague status bar would be cool, and personally, I must say I’m all for infrequent but huge updates with more story progress per updates.
So, onward to pressing the “like” button on facebook!

As always, your work is filled with awesome, and you have my thanks for providing us with such a high quality webcomic!

I’m with everyone else saying that bigger, less frequent updates work great – and a vague progress bar sounds good, too, if that’s an easy option.

This whole Cael segment is really great, too: I thought the visuals & atmosphere were great in the concert hall dream, and the sense of movement and tension in this update is really strong. The bit that gets me here is that last panel though: “the dreams are getting worse”. Looking away, as if the angry spectre/ghost/dead friend there isn’t a big deal at all. I get the sense Wryn is a big deal though: looks like Cael’s pretty much relying on this not-quite-Wryn to hold back his glowy powers, and it’s clearly not a comfortable relationship. Reagann must be looking like more and more of an appealing option… if he wants to take the risk and trust her.

Stay awesome!

Yeeeeeeaaaah the whole scenario seems to be pretty…common-place for them. Those two have a really strange relationship, I’m excited to get to show some more of it soon :X

And yay I’m glad you are onboard with the bigger chunk updates :D EXCITING THINGS TO COME!!

I just finished a re-read from the start – to try to get some kind of handle on what’s going on. I never read the first version, but given the comments you’ve made on the re-envisioning, that may be just as well, though I think I’d like to see how far your art has progressed.

I can follow the action, more or less, and the characters really “live” for me – they seem to be fully realized in your head – full of all the complexity that real people are made of. ~bows in your direction~ But this city just completely bewilders me. One of the earliest “voice-over” remarks you made was something about Level being “technologically advanced and socially just.” I’m afraid I feel the need to take exception to that last bit. So far I’ve seen bugger-all in terms of justice. I’m also confused as to the physical structure of the place. What is it made of? At least the bottom sections look to be constructed of normal stone and wood and concrete – but are the upper parts made of some kind of solid holograms? How many “tierns” are there and how hard is it to travel between them? Why would a level become “untierned?”

Did Cael accidentally start this war with whatever he did after describing his dream? What the HELL did he DO, anyway?

I’m sure most of this is set up to be revealed as we go along – but damn, I can’t wait until you’ve completed the story (10 years or so from now, perhaps ;) ) and I can go back and re-read it and understand what I’m reading…

Oh, and the coloring of your work is just stunning.

Hi Nate,

Love your work, old and new! Hope you have a great year, and in my opinion, I would rather read an epic scene start to finish and get that update monthly or quarterly, rather than fractions of a scene every week or other week. Totally dig the idea of you building say 8 to 20 pages of content at a whack and I get to read it all at once.

Combine that with a status bar and possibly interactive discussion of your thoughts about upcoming content (without blowing your story surprises to us) in the weeks and months prior, and that would be awesome. Being able to ping your audience and then get a bit of feed back on your ideas will certainly help you shape your story, but I think you need total control and the ability to work in private until ready to unveil the new work.

Getting surprised by your choice of twists and turns is a lot more interesting when it comes in a large batch of content, rather than just in a small blurb.

Just a few links for you. They may help with your status bar and updates goals:

Another thing, check out and search WordPress under recipes. They have a ton of ways to help automate the delivery of content to your blog. You can post to twitter, FB, reddit, or any other media you can use easily from your phone, and post it to this blog, or the other way around.

One great trick is to use some form of reminder recipe to yourself, it will text you, or email you, then you just reply with your comments. The response gets picked up by IFTTT and you make a quick comment here.

Hope that is useful!

I think longer pauses with fuller story beats is a great idea, you’ve got my support! Do what your muses tell you. Unless the muses were malicious creatures? Hm.

I’m happy and I’ve got no clue what the deal between Cael and Wryn-wraith is, whether the wraith is a projection of his empathetic powers, or an outside entity feeding off him, or some sort of difficult-to-control familiar that isn’t happy to be bound to this kid, or something even wilder. Is the wraith /in/ Cael or /around/ Cael?
They don’t like being called Wryn, so taking on Wryn’s shape probably wasn’t their idea. The wraith’s motifs include water-jelly-lightning, raven, fallen friend, and blue energy thing from his “you must surface, child” dream, all stuff pulled from the five minute span where Cael went from unbelievably happy to unbelievably /not./ So the wraith’s visual appearance comes from Cael’s emotions probably, and our budding empath is either shaping the wraith’s image into something meaningful or the wraith is using stuff from his personal mythology. I thought it was the first one, but that brutal previous page is giving me feeding frenzy vibes, so maybe Cael doesn’t have much of an impact on what wraith-Wryn does or is. I’d be really interested to see if having another extreme emotional event would add a new element to the wraith’s visual vocabulary.

In short, words words words, this is fucking awesome

I’ve been reading LeveL since the first run and I’ve never been a stickler for schedule. Your work has always been engrossing and I look forward to updates whenever they may occur. I’d go on about the update, but seems like everybody else has done so for me.

You do you, man. Creativity should never be on a hard set schedule. That being said, the status bar IS nice ;)

I think a lot of us are holdovers from the original rendition half a decade ago, if we didn’t disappear then, intermittent postings at random shouldn’t scare us off now ;)

So, is this still happening? I know you said there would be pauses in between postings, but some general, “I’m still alive/working on this” posts on the facebook/twitter/tumblr accounts would go a long way towards reassuring everyone.

I’m still alive!! I’m working on this! I got booked for some hardcore freelance for the past month and a half and it’s eaten up every ounce of creative energy I have to get it done in time. Like…literally. BUT it’s a really exciting project and I’m excited to share it once the whole thing has gone live :D Stay tuned for that, and more leveL!!

I feel like this page should be enshrined somewhere on the internet as the perfect example of why hard schedules ARE necessary.

You Liam! I hear you…but the lapse in update is due to me being booked for a really big freelance project. It’s actually the exact reason that made me change the update schedule of leveL, so that if an opportunity like this comes along I’m able to take it on without breaking obligations to the comic.

Rest assure that I am still working on it, even when I have to step away from it as other priorities comes along. Apologies for not being better communicating what was up with me (I’m not really free to talk about the project :X), I’ll be better about that in the future!

Thanks for sticking around :D

WOW okay so I just got through the whole comic in the space of an hour (I think?) and holy crap this thing is BEAUTIFUL
The style, the story the COLORS
I CAN’T STOP FREAKING OUT OVER IT and it really makes me want to work harder to refine my style into something like this!
Dude you have got yourself a new fan :D

(also I totally get the deadlines thing, I have that issue all the time, but I’m totally willing to wait for updates holy CRAP MAN THIS COMIC)

Hey Mannykat! Aw thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the comic and I’m happy to have you along for the ride, welcome!! :D (And keep working on your style for sure, I’m happy if the comic has been an inspiration at all :D)

I’m glad I checked back with leveL tonight. This scene has been really intense, and the colours / glow effects are insanely gorgeous. I just adore your art style! You’re a seriously talented artist, Nate. I’m glad that the comic is going to be back on track! I believe that what you have planned sounds effective and I’m totally on board with it! I didn’t experience the glory of the status bar in leveL’s first incarnation, but man do I like the sound of it! So I’d love to see something like that pop up. Also I’m definitely following the page on Facebook. I’ve got to get my leveL updates when they come! Otherwise bad things may happen.*

*Disclaimer: xephtastic does not take responsibility for the bad things that may or may not happen if she is deprived of leveL updates. Any and all consequences are strictly chance and / or out of her control.

Hey Nate, how are you doing? Haven’t heard from you in a while, hope you are doing ok.

Anything we, your fans can do for you to help inspire more art? Just hoping you are doing ok and that you are still chugging along.

Even if you aren’t posting, let us know you are ok, miss your work, but miss hearing about YOU too!

Best regards,

Dave “Thunder Hawk” Hawkins


Gosh, thanks for the comment man, and the well-wishing/concern!

It’s true I’ve been off the radar…leveL IS still being working one…quite slowly due to some giant life developments, but I’m happy to say it’s all good news at least ^^;

I was offered a really intense freelance gig at the beginning of the year to take on on top of my normal fulltime job, and the result has been no time at all for anything. It came right on the heels of me disbanding the leveL update schedule, so it was good timing in that sense, but it ended up completely eating my life and freetime x_X The radio silence came from me thinking ‘I’m almost done, I’ll update leveL after this next push’ and the push getting longer and longer, lol.

The good news is the freelance went really well and as a result I’ve been offered a job working at Google as a Google Doodler!! I’m gonna be on the team making the customized logos for holidays and special occasions! I’M SO STOKED!!

Life is still in transition as I leave my current job and am moving up to San Francisco, but I am not dead and neither is leveL! Settling in to the new job is actually going to afford me more free time (I predict) since I’ll no longer be freelance!

Updates are coming! The whole debacle is making me re-think how I update leveL again, and if maybe some truncated update schedule might be for the best to at least keep the content coming…

Stay tuned and thank you for being so unwavering in your support :,D

Just reread BOTH comics, for that Nate S. Love. Still amazed with watching the scenery progression, it ALWAYS is getting better.

Our little project is coming along swimmingly and hopefully I’ll have it done by the next update!

Congrats on the Googlegig, and cheers to what the future holds!


Congratulations man! This must be the year of people getting their dream jobs! I just started with Symantec and it is a role I have been vying for for nearly 5 years. Finally had an opening I wanted with the products I know.

Are you moved already? If not, would love to say hi some time, buy you a beer or something! I am in the LA area, and before you move, would love to say hey! If there area any other fans in the LA area, maybe we can give you a decent send off! Pipe up people, assuming Nate is still here. If not, we can meet you up there! I will be up there in July, so could make some time.

Either way, EXCELLENT news!

Congratulations, hope you can find a way to bring the zeros into your storyline… (Google… need I say more?)

AW this was such a great idea!!! I have already departed LA though…I was supposed to be there till next week but my move got pushed up T___T I’d be very down to hang out sometime tho! I’m still in the process of moving till basically the end of July (I’m gonna be in temp housing up there for this month), but yeah ! Email me! haha :D

And congrats on your job as well!! So amazing when things line up like that :D


So, since you are not here, (LA) but there (somewhere near SF?) If I happened to be up in the Mountain View area next week (Sunday Night to Wed) or two weeks out (Sunday to Friday) maybe we could meet up for that beer?

I am a writer and musician and really just enjoy meeting other muse infected people. Just figured I would offer it up.

As for the comment below, I have to say, it is hard to carry a project forward that is YOUR passion and not someone else’s for people who are not willing to be gracious.

I have to say, my muse only comes out with a bit of praise. I used to be a pretty versatile musician but my wife doesn’t like it when I practice (because it can sometimes be experimenting, and is not polished). I have mostly stopped playing, even though I said I would play for my entire life.

I had taken up gaming for a number of years, video games, which is where the moniker Thunder Hawk comes from, and it took up almost all my free time until this new job. I realized it wouldn’t help my cause, so I dropped it. Hard to do because I was a community gamer and had a lot of friends that I would get online with to play. However, I have come to the conclusion that it is too much of a distraction from the things I want to accomplish in my life.

That said, I am about to reinvest in a new guitar and get my fingers calloused up again. Instead of sitting till all hours of the night playing games, I will give my time to my muse again, and let it flow.

I mention all this because for you, and for your situation with LeveL it is pretty clear that the real world has impacted your time for personal creative pursuits.

What I would like to propose is that I will do a 1:1 with you. You draw, I will put together some music to support your efforts. You don’t need to put it into action on the website, but I will send you clips to match your art. I am not as accomplished musically as you are with your artwork, but I will challenge you to a creative duel!

Are you ready for this challenge Nate? If so, let it begin in August. I cannot start yet because I have not acquired the instrument, but when I do, I will throw down the glove here and we will see what new directions our art takes as a result!

Your friend,


I wish I could edit the above. No insult intended about being gracious PD, I didn’t read your entire post before I wrote mine. Apologies!

That said, for all you readers, what can we do to incentivize Nate to throw down some story?

Best regards all,



Ahhhh I hear your lament about video games…I love them but I never have time for them with doing art-stuffs D: I actually had to make a conscious effort last year to carve out time to play them because a) it actually was relevant to the things I’m pursuing and b) I needed something that was purely stress relief, hahaha.

And whoaaa the idea of music/art jamming sounds awesome! I usually do almost all my drawing (and writing) with music that drives me, so I could definitely see some correlation XD I’d love to hear some of you stuff!

Yeah I’m gonna be in the bay area as of Monday, auuuuuugh! drop me a line at unlevelednate@gmail and we can try and meet up (though fair warning i might be a bit preoccupied in the first couple weeks getting settled and starting up at the new job, lol)

Thanks dude!! :D


I’ve read a lot of webcomics over the years (much less now) and whenever an author says they’re ditching the update schedule but they promise they have this big story they want to tell and we have to trust them, it’s 100% been a death-knell for the comic. Every time. I thought this time had to be different, but after half a year, it doesn’t look like it. I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed. For the fans of the original comic, getting our hopes up by bringing it back and then going on hiatus *again* is pretty rough. You lured us in by promising us this time Level was back for real. It’s not looking like this was the case.

Life happens and life is busy. No one understands that better than I do. And at the end of the day, Level is just a story from the mind of a guy. But it’s a story I really like, and would have loved to see play through to conclusion this time around. All I’m saying is, just level with us (no pun intended).

Aside from busting your balls, congratulations on the job and good luck with the move. I made the move up to Palo Alto less than a year ago myself – welcome to Silicon Valley. And if you think life’s going to get less hectic when you get here, well…don’t hold your breath.



Hey I appreciate your comment, to be honest it hits me pretty hard. It’s basically what I never wanted to hear from a reader; that they are disappointed in me and feel I’m treating them unfairly. I don’t like hiding behind excuses or circumstances, but there’s no way I can deny the past 6 months have seen my life basically thrown in a blender…one that’s still spinning. It’s a good blender, but it’s kind of destroyed how I operate. My life and schedule was extremely even-keel for the last 4 years when I planned leveL and how I was going to execute it. So while changes happened, I didn’t expect a complete uprooting like this. The situation is not worked out yet and I’m not settled, so there is going to be time before I’m actually in a place to be consistent with this project (or really anything) in my life.

All of that being said, leveL IS back for real. I didn’t bring my comic back just to abandon it, even if this has turned into an unofficial hiatus. I wish this situation had gone down differently and there hadn’t been such a blackout but this project is still alive. It always will be, it’s a big part of me and I’m unreasonably stubborn about these sort of things. I’m 15 years in definitely not turning my back on it now, Google or not.

I think there’s no question you are right about the update schedule. That’s basically what I’m going to address once my feet are back on the ground, I’m bringing it back. I’ve wrestled with this compromise of dolling out fragmented content consistently vs. delivering a satisfying reading experience that is inconsistent released. At the end of the day what I’m going to have to accept is that if this project lives on the internet like this and I want it to be moving forward, I’m gonna have to bite my lip and just give you guys a page a week or something like that. Broken apart and probably not super satisfying, it will at least keep the content coming that you can read in a completed form once it’s done. I’m not going to lie; I hate this. It ruins the flow of reading which I think is really important (especially with dramatic cliffhangers and the like), but it’s probably better to have a meek premiere of content rather than no content at all.

I’m not going to announce the new schedule until I’ve had some time at Google to know what I can realistically commit to…because like the last update schedule I will take it VERY seriously to the point of driving myself to exhaustion (which is why the last update schedule was done away with in the first place, lol) It might have been bumpy to work out, but leveL will settle into what it’s supposed to be. I appreciate you sticking around and weathering the growing pains with me.

And thanks for the congrats XD I’m nervous as hell but excited as well. If we are so close maybe we should hang out some time! haha :D


In retrospect I feel like I was too harsh – sorry Nate! Loved the new pages. I do agree with you that reinstating an update schedule is a good idea. Even if you can’t release it in the ideal chunks that adhere best to the story arc, a dependable schedule is probably better for you and us. When it’s released in printed format one of these days it can be perfectly organized.

Would be happy to hang out when you get up here! You’ve got my email. If you need someone to show you just how boring Palo Alto is, just let me know.

Oh no you were not harsh at all, lol, especially after 6 months of radio silence. But yeah I think bringing the schedule back is gonna be the answer. I actually just re-read the whole comic for the first time in a year or so, and I was happy at how well it holds together when taken in all at once. It made me want to draw more of it X)

Haha, sweet I love boring! I’m headed up to Mountain View today and will be there until I find a permanent place in the city> Don’t start work until next monday so I should have some time to kill. Restaurant recommendations plz T___T

Exciting! Hope the big move went well! Unfortunately about the only thing I’m a connoisseur of is cereal, so I’m pretty useless as far as restaurant reccs go. That being said, I’ve heard Mountain View has good food so it should be pretty hard to go wrong. There’s also a few coffee shops worth scoping out, if you’re into caffeine and baked goods..

Question for you – when you say a permanent place in the city, do you mean San Francisco or the city of Mountain View? You might not know, but around the bay area no matter where you are “the city” means San Francisco. If you are planning on living in SF, I’d advise you to not do it thoughtlessly. It’s true a lot of the facebook/google/amazon/etc crowd live in the city and commute down for work, but it eats up a lot of your life. I’m doing the inverse commute for a job up in the city this summer, and after a few weeks of it, I’m glad it’s only for a summer. Bus or not, definitely give it a few tries and make sure it’s what you want.

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