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01.03.024 published on 13 Comments on 01.03.024

“I barter with them all the time.

Happy first official update day! Nice to be back again so soon :) and here is this week’s page, featuring the totally functional and not weird at all relationship of Emory and Rain :D After the events of last chapter, Rain seems determined to turn over a new leaf. I’m sure nothing could go wrong.

Announcement-wise, I want to thank everyone who has already contributed to the Patreon! I’m totally blown away!! Also thanks for feedback to help the site run smoother and with regard to rewards. $5 patrons look for the preview of next week’s page later today. And anyone who hasn’t joined and wants to get in on the reward action, it’s not too late! You can help us reach our goals, if we get enough support I’ll shift the schedule to 2 pages a week!

Lastly, anyone interesting on what my creative process is like, check out this little side comic I made X)

That’s all I got! Leave some comment love, and I’ll see you next week!
<3 Nate

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It was hard to get to this page. The next comic button doesn’t work from the previous page.

Oh no! From ? I can’t seem to recreate the error but let me know and I’ll try to fix it!

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