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01.03.038 published on 4 Comments on 01.03.038

Aaaaaand scene. Hoo boy, If I never have to draw another angry mob again I will die a happy Nate.

This page actually marks the end of the pages I had in mid-production 2 years ago when I went on hiatus o_o that means moving forward the content is going to be all completely new content and I’m pretty excited about that! Not only does it mean I’m now back in full production swing, but also these pages have definitely felt (to me at least) as a product of my past artistic self. I’m excited to bring a totally fresh viewpoint to the page layouts and designs moving forward, especially cause we’re starting to get into the part of the story I’m most excited about :D

On a non-comic-note, I’m in the process of moving this week! Just to the other side of the hill I’m on, but it’s a big change nonetheless (more space! and a garage!) This shouldn’t interrupt the updates at all, but hopefully once I’m all settled I’ll have time to take on some other aspects of the comic I’ve been meaning to address…like rolling out the printed copies! Is there anything you’d all like to see in terms of side content?

Until next week!

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Ohoho bonus book content!! Well, I definitely love seeing concept art or character studies, or any worldbuilding/maps/environment concepts – especially since the city is SO PRETTY and like a character. I’m guessing a lot of that already exists, which is helpful when pulling content together. :D

This seems like it was a fantastic time to learn this comic is back. I remember starting to read it back in 2014 after a comic of yours was popular on Reddit. I gave up on it early 2016 when updates were no more. I remembered it existed just today as I wanted to read it again to draw inspiration (AKA shamelessly steal ideas) for a potential sci-fi RPG. Took me 3 hours of furious googling to finally find it, as I had forgot the name! Imagine my surprise that you’re back! I’m very excited to see the next update and how close to three years has changed your artistic style! I’m guessing the ID cards are kinda a foreshadowing for it.

I look forward to being able to check in every month or so (I like to read in batches). You have an awesome world you’ve built. It feels so alive, and the background imagery is absolutely amazing. I wish I could afford to support the comic on patreon. Maybe in six months when I graduate and hopefully have a job :)

Hey!! wow that’s amazing, I’m glad you hunted it down and made your way back!! :D And yes you’ve come at a good moment, we’re starting up on a part of the story I’ve ben super anxious to draw :333

And hey I like sci-fi RPGs x) link me to yours if you put anything online! :D

Welcome back!

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