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01.03.069 published on 14 Comments on 01.03.069

Any devoted leveL fans will recognize this page as a shoutout to the original comic. It’s somewhat frightening to thinkt hat after all this time and 200+ pages we are only at page 16 of the original comic ^_^;; LONG ROAD AHEAD!!

On that note, would there be any interest in folks reading the original comic? I may have stumbled across it and am considering hosting it again if folks would be into looking at 15+ year old art?? Possible Patreon reward? If nothing else, it is kinda interesting to compare the two stories :x

Let me know in the comments!

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Yes! I would definitely be up to reading the original! (Also, just by that one page, I can tell how much your art skills have progressed! Good job!)

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