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01.03.075 published on 2 Comments on 01.03.075

The Little Lug That Could continues to wub its way forward, and Jun is very happy about it.

Happy Happy New Year everyone!! We made it an entire year with NO SCHEDULE SLIPS! I am very excited about that, especially since drawing the comic was my New Years Resolution last year :D We’ve had quite a year; stolen government vessels, empathic plagues, secret rebel plots that may or may not be diversions for mental health endeavors, mass riots, and CAEL MADE IT OUT OF HIS FREAKING ROOM AFTER 4 YEARS.

If you a Patreon Supporter, I have an extra special gift for you today! I’m releasing the ORIGINAL LEVEL COMIC to all patrons today as a big year end thank you! That’s right 200+ pages of circa 2001 leveL is BACK ONLINE for any who wish to subject themselves to it!

I can’t thank everyone enough for such a wonderful year back drawing my comic. It’s what I love to do more than anything in the world, and to have successfully weaved it back into my life has been extremely rewarding. Patreon has served as a surprisingly effective motivator. Knowing that people are reading and actively contributing money to the project makes me take these updates much more seriously.

If you enjoy the comic and haven’t already, I strongly encourage you to contribute any amount just to let me know you’re out there! Especially if you want to know what’s coming up, as a preview of next week’s page is part of the rewards :D

This coming year should continue as planned, and look forward to the additional releases along the way (I’m looking at you, printed leveL comics)

Thank you all and Happy 2019! Fun Fact, this year the character of Cael turns the age he was intended to be in the original comic. Oi x_X

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