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Wow, such enthusiasm.
Leaves you to wonder how much propaganda was used around him… and for what purpose. Erato, what’s your real angle, here?

I love your crowds of faces. So much little derails in there… so much little hilarious doodles that are too easy to miss at first glance.

Oh, and a “please face forward on stairs” sign… That’s something that could be used in public areas everywhere! (Although to be able to see it, people would have to look away from their phones for a second.)

Good question about Erato…keep your eye on that one >_>

Lol I’m happy the crowds don’t just look ridiculous…to be honest I had to do those crowds so quickly I will probably go back and re-do them before I print the comic :X I could have worked on this page for weeks I wanted to show so much of the world.

Ahaha the Face Forward sig was meant to be a joke that everyone on the stairs is looking back at the news monitors XD Maybe it could work as a heads up retina display in this crazy futuristic world. (…y’know that will probably happen one day… *shudder*)

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