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01.04.015 published on 7 Comments on 01.04.015

“Three Years Later”

BACK with a more traditional update. Cael and Rain are STILL in the air but that seems to be changing rather fast o_o; I’m sure everything is going to be just fine…not Cael’s worst nightmares coming true or anything like that…

Happy to report that this update was really fun and really fast to make! I know it makes for a less predictable schedule, but doing a chunk of pages at a time is SOOO much faster and I feel in much better control of the flow of the story beat :3 I’m hoping this will continue to mean fast, full updates are ahead of us.

That’s good, because we have a LOT to get through. If this page doesn’t tip you off, we’re going into a flashback with the next update o_o This chapter definitely is playing the long game, so I wanna get our groundwork laid so we can blast forward with the story (quite literally at this point…) This coming update is gonna take some design to work out, but I will try to be back ASAP with an update. If you are curious how things are going, you can always check in at the PATREON for the latest, and you can back the comic to get a sneak peak at the sketches of the pages ahead!

Until then, enjoy the pages!


Oh wow, I’m so happy to see this still updating! I don’t know if I’ve ever left a comment here before, but I’ve been following this comic off and on since the “manga” edition, and it’s really neat to see how the older versions of the characters were brought to the new story. The art is just beautiful *_*

Oh wooow!! I can’t tell you how awesome that is to hear!! There’s a lot of twists and turns ahead and I feel like the comic gains a lot through the lens of who and who/how all the characters were in the previous version (tho its not necessary of course), so it makes me happy the comparison is being appreciated. And omg thank you for reading the comic for so long?? T__T WE’RE GONNA SEE THIS THROUGH!!

Hey Nate, SOOO excited to see that you’re back! I think it’s kinda funny how I’ve fallen in love with your series, your sister-in-law (I won’t use names for personal reasons) is actually really good friends with my mom so when my mom told her I was into cartoons/anime/art/comics she told me all about you and leveL and said I might like it and I ended up reading it all in one day XD I was kinda confused at first but once I read it I absolutely fell in love with your art style and just the whole premise of the story and how it reals you in! Keep up the good work, I’m super excited to see what’ll happen next!!

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