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01.04.025 published on 6 Comments on 01.04.025

“The war began long ago.”

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA this scene is finally over!!!!!

This is the entire story beat to end the flashback that we’ve been trapped in, not wholly unlike our dear psychic-y protagonist. The scene has weighed heavy on my conscious, as I found myself unable to make headway with it for…many months x_x The good news is, it’s finished! And I’m actually pretty happy with it :D

That leads me to the next point: the Update Schedule! This scene was a prolonged experiment in trying to do giant batches of pages as big story beat updates. In short, it didn’t work ^_^;

Thus, I am reinstating the weekly update schedule now that this accursed flashback is over. We are going back to a page a week. Maybe more on some days, but ALWAYS a page a week. Keeping the lights on in this here comic house :) I’m sorry the experiment wasn’t more successful and got me in a rut for so long. The takeaway is my life just is too complicated to take on huge chunks of work at a time and not feel overwhelmed to the point of paralysis. LESSON LEARNED, LET THE COMIC CONTINUE!

And lastly…Patreon. After a long consideration about it, I’ve decided it’s time to retire the leveL Patreon.

Why? Well…in short it makes me feel really bad and icky to be taking donations on a my passion project. I don’t really have any greater aim for it besides making it, I don’t have a financial goal I’m trying to hit, I am employed and comfortable outside of the comic. Why did I start it in the first place? I thought it would 1) drum up a community of people 2) help put a fire under me to produce content knowing people were basically paying to see it. I think I’ve learned now that I don’t need that incentive, making the comic honestly is reward enough for me.

And as for community? Well, now we have a Discord! :) and it’s a lot more direct of a place to interact than Patreon. I just wanna chat with people, share interests, talk about comics, la la la.

So I’m migrating all leveL communications to the Discord server, effective immediately.

Don’t have Discord? GET IT! Otherwise, I’ll still be announcing leveL updates on the Twitter and *cough* Tumblr accounts :)

And so with that, we bid a fond farewell to Patreon. Thank you for all you did for leveL over the years here. I look forward to all the great adventures ahead for Cael, Rain and all the accursed kids living in my weirdo futuristic world.



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