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01.02.08 published on 8 Comments on 01.02.08

“Keep your mind on the job and nothing else.”

Haaaappy Holidays everyone!  I dunno about you but I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this time of the year than with an update featuring fist-fights, heavy drinking and general pandemonium!  Hehe, this was actually  a pretty challenging update, both technically and time-wise.  But everything came together and I’m super pleased with how much I got to this segment to look like it did in my head :D  I had a little too much fun with all the little folks running around inside the tavern, and I kinda want a pin like the one Rain has on his bandana…

Beyond the update itself, I’ve done a pretty thorough overhaul of the CAST PAGE with some new profile pics and character details.  Soon I’m gonna be putting up a new splash page…something to include both a link to the beginning of the comic as well as the first page of the latest update.

Also, we got an influx of new readers from a piece that was featured somewhere on deviantArt, so if you are new: WELCOME! :D :D  Thanks for checking out this crazy comic, I hope you enjoy the chaos within, feel free to partake in the tradition of leaving some comment love for Nate, as it makes him oh so very happy :3

I’ll be back with a new update on 1/9/2014….wow, 2014 already x_x  Everyone have a safe and happy New Year, I’ll see you in the future!