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01.03.053 published on 8 Comments on 01.03.053

“Apex is quite pleased the boy has finally decided to come out of hiding.”

Guys we made it through the dialogue-less atmospheric pages! Back to Cael’s good times only getting better x) This coming sequence is actually one I’ve been looking forward to drawing since I started the reboot, it’s been exciting to see it *finally* coming to life!

Today is actually a kind of exciting update, it marks 200 pages of the new comic! HAPPY 200 PAGES NEW LEVEL!!! I….kinda can’t believe it, lol. Especially considering that by all accounts the story is just getting started :D We’re approaching the page count I got to with the original comic, which is even crazier XD

Seems a good moment to thank everyone again for the unwavering support over the years. It’s been so interesting to see the comic grow and change…how my life has affected it’s direction (and vice versa, lol) I’m happy to have struck what finally feels like a good balance to keep pages being produced without totally taking over all my freetime.

Here’s to the next 200 pages ahead…hopefully Cael and Rain will have met by then. (Spoilers: They will :3)

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-Quest update – Reach 200 pages: Objective complete.
-You gain 300 XP
-LeveL Up
-You are now 300% more awesome.

Sorry, that was too easy to let it slide.
Great page, and congrats for the big 200!

Happy 200! This is beautiful, and I wonder if these were put up for the ceremony or if Cael’s room has been surrounded with these pictures for years

Aw thanks!! Either way, I dunno how well they are gonna go over with Cael O_o;

Btw, I just did a re-read through the whole comic (anniversary and all), and your constant presence is so cool in the comics! AND how well you remember the old comic to catch all the little nods I drop into it :3 Thank you so much for sticking with it through all these years <3333333

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