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01.03.110 published on 24 Comments on 01.03.110


Wow. This Chapter has finally come to a close. And it only took….5 years to finish. X___x (OK well to be fair I took a 2 year hiatus while I moved and began a new job BUT STILL)

I remember when writing the script for this chapter thinking I didn’t know if I could actually finish it. I was writing scenes I had no idea how I would draw, but I just let the story go where I wanted it to. This chapter has probably been my biggest learning experience with the comic, both in story telling and comic production. I’m really happy with having finally finished and I ENCOURAGE YOU ALL TO READ THE CHAPTER IN ONE SITTING as it was intended :D In fact maybe re-read the whole comic if you are feeling industrious, and see how little time has actually passed in this world T_T

On that note, I have TWO ANNOUNCEMENTS about the comic.

I know many of you have already weighed in on me asking about the best type of update schedule for the comic. For the past two years I’ve been doing the ‘One Page A Week’ style as I felt it was the most manageable for me but would also help foster the community with a more reliably progressing content.

Well, as this chapter comes to a close, I’ve officially decided I want to change the Update Schedule.

Here’s why.

One of my biggest struggles in production is that final pages feel disjointed. Even tho I write and thumbnail the comic ahead of time, inevitably specifics of the pages change as I bring them closer to final. Thus sequences drag or feel rushed when read together. At times I’ve felt the story is taking too long and ended up packing 3 pages worth of content into one (oof), or we have a situation like page 109 of this chapter where the reader literally just gets a blank page as their update.

I want to create satisfying chunks of story for readers to digest and feel satisfied. Also, a common thought I heard is that readers would let a few months of pages build up so they have a lot to read, then binge through. In that case I’d rather be able to produce an entire sequence/scene and share it all at once.



How often will these updates happen? Well…it’s going to be a bit of trial and error. I’m gonna start off saying updates will come every 2 weeks. If this end up being too ambitious and I will change to once every month or 3 weeks, something like that. Please feel free to weigh on about this as well if you have thoughts, I want everyone to remain happy with the comic and I really think this is the best path forward for readers, artist, and comic alike!


Probably its been too long for anyone to remember this, but I always take some time between chapters to thumbnail and design all the new characters/places/weird props. We’ve got *ahem* quite a few of those coming up, so everyone please hang tight while I get ready to take us further down this rabbit hole :D I estimate TWO WEEKS until I start the next chapter, but if that changes I will update here :D

I’ll also be cleaning up a couple of pages in this chapter that have been bugging me, I’ll post when those edits go up. ALSO if I get super ambitious I might experiment with porting one of the chapters into one of those newfangled endless vertical scroll comics :X

Until then, please enjoy this mammoth chapter, re-read the whole comic if you’re so incline (or even the original one) and also always, leave some comment love :D

Thank you all for you continued support in this out of control personal project. Your support means more to me than I can possibly communicate other than to keep drawing this silly weird sci-fi world.

My love to you all and see you in a couple weeks!


Ooooohhh, you re-posted the original comic. I totally missed that. I will definitively re-read both the old and new at some point.

Hiatus, huh? It seems like it will take Cael a little while to hits the ground. :D
Have fun with the planning (and/or simply the break). We’ll be waiting with a few blankets and teams of firefighters to catch Cael and Rain.

lol, oh no stay away from the old comic, It’s worse than you remember!! (Tho it’s kinda crazy how right now we are like at…only at the end of the Chapter 1 of the original comic. Like 20 pages in) It’s crazy to think we are still basically just at the beginning of the comic, but that’s cool cause there’s just lots and lots of exciting things ahead, mwahahaa.

Haha and the hiatus is just to match real time of how long Cael and Rain will fall x) At least they get some time to know each other ^_^;;

Naaaahhh, don’t dismiss your old comic so much. Of course, it’s nothing compared to the new one, I liked it to the point where it inspired one of my DnD campaign setup. (It never really got put into motion, but still…) I really wonder if that blond girl in blue dress that just appeared at the end will be present in the reboot. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Gosh, I love this comic. I’ll definitely take this time to reread it. And looking at the staggering improvements you’ve made comparing to the original comic is honestly really inspirational. Keep up the good work- whatever upload schedule works best for you i’ll be right here reading with every update!

Marieeee thank you so much T____T lol yeah it’s been a long road since the original comic x) hopefully further improvements ahead too! Gonna play around with the update schedule and see what works best, but happy you will be along for the ride! <3

Holy heck I finally decided to come back to this after it stopped updating back in middle school and I honestly had to stare at the next page for at least ten minutes before it clicked that it had updated. I’m so glad it’s back and I’ve binged the entire thing. What a way to have the meeting happen! I’m so excited for what’s to come.

I’ll wait as long as needed for updates. It’s just good to be back.

Hey Nate,
Hope you’re doing okay. We’re starting to miss you!
I’m quite eager to see what you’re coming up with!


I know new pages haven’t been coming but a lot of work has been happening with leveL …too much in fact x_x I finished the next chapter script last week and it clocked in at 80 pages (approx 300 comic pages!) SO I’m editing it down a bit now before I start production and upload new content.

I am VERY anxious to get new content out, but worry not cause it is definitely on the way and it’s gonna be…well, epic! <3

I came across this comic recently by seeing your name as the lead animator for the Halloween 2018 Google Doodle. I binged all of it over the course of a few days because it was so amazing that I didn’t want to stop reading at all. Thank you so much for making this amazing comic and sharing it with the world. :)

I started reading this year ago and came back all excited that there were gonna be new pages but there are none :c I hope you’re doing okay but the story is SO EXCITING and I hope to see some updates soon :]

Sorry if I sound rude I’ve just been super bored during quarantine

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