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Well, I was going to wait until I got to reread it on a computer (I’m on an iPhone), but I just couldn’t wait.
For a song she hates, anything that’s not current, how could she possibly recognize a note missing?

Oho, good question! And sharp reading :3

To answer I’d say two things…

1, you can hate something and still be familiar with it. I’m not a fan of driving in LA but I do it every day and could criticize it pretty well, so maybe Reagan has had over exposure to this piece which causes her dislike (we’ll have to wait and see)

and 2…if you check out which note she says is wrong, Csharp instead of Dflat, they are actually the same note…almost like she had something else in mind when she pushed that key on the keyboard…X)

Like SpectreWryn says, don’t trust her!

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