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01.02.29 published on 2 Comments on 01.02.29

“Three on one hardly seems like a fair fight…”

Another action-y sequence this week as Rain proves he’s super cool and then…not XD Next week should be a bit of a change of pace, as we’re at about the half-way point of this chapter :3 I’m excited to move the story forward a bit more, hehehehe.

Outside of comic my life had suddenly become much busier…I had initially wanted to do this whole sequence as a single 6-page update but life ramping up made me need to split it up, ah well X) I’m ever looking to streamline my coloring process a bit more to have these updates go faster. Part of me has been wanting to use a limited palette, tho maybe that’s something I could implement next chapter…

Also hopefully I will have those blasted cast profiles updated by next week as well! Keep your eye open for that x)

And lastly, I’ve considered getting some advertisement for the comic to help spread the word a bit more as we are getting into more exciting territory…does anyone have suggestions of places they go to for comic content that would be a worthwhile investment?

Next update will land 5/8/2014, let’s hope Rain survives!


I especially love (Fitz?)’s face as he rolls down towards his partner and crashes into him. It really does look like something from Looney Tunes. Also: I love the blue green light illuminating Tal’s hand juxtaposed with the softer yellow light on Rain’s face.

PS What’s the deal with that one update you did with the missing tablet pen? It had something to do with the Polar Vortex and teal gold?

Quint is the skinny one, Fitz the big one…of course you’ve no way to know since I don’t have the bleeding cast profiles updated yet, haha XD And yeah the expressions and crazy poses are a lot of fun to do in this scene…silly too, which is good since things are usually pretty dark in leveL o.o

Ohhh, that updated was actually just delayed because I lost my tablet pen and I got stranded in Ohio cause I was home for the holidays and all the planes got cancelled when the polar vortex it XD (Teal-Gold is the name one of the color schemes for the leveL website, not sure how that snuck in there, lol)

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