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01.02.30 published on No Comments on 01.02.30

“I knew I had a good feeling about you.”

Back with a quick storybeat of one page this week, but it’s good to be back to some dialogue-centered pages…the next update requires a bit of pre-production as well so I figured if I settled back into non-action pages it would ensure I had time to make the next update super-slick :D

Tal returns triumphant and we get to see some of Rain’s cargo…Powerchips and Identicards were breifly seen here, and they will play a larger role in the pages to come…SO PAY ATTENTION AND STAY TUNED.

Also I promise promise promise that Cast Page update is coming soon with bios for Tal, Quint and Fitz…I has nothing to do with me forgetting to do it, I’m just trying to build the anticipation. Yes that’s it.

OK well I think that’s all I’ve got this week, next update is 05/28/2014, a week late to account to a week out of town :D Please look forward to it! Nate out :D

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