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Wasn’t there just 4 cubes? It looked before like the girl got 2, and each guy got one, but in this one the green guy has two, the girl has two, and pink guy has one.

….good question.

Definitely the girl used a single cube and split it up to power two whips, and the other 3 cubes went 2 to the green guy and 1 to the pink. Definitely that. Definitely not that I miscounted when I initially had Rain throw them. Definitely not that.

Sorry, I didn’t pay attention to the names at first. Girl, Green Guy, and Pink Guy = Tal, Quint, and Fitz respectively. Great webcomic by the way. I never read the original one, and only just found this yesterday and read the bit you have so far, and I’ll stick around to read the rest. I read it forever ago, and don’t remember much of it, but the setting of leveL reminds me a bit of “The Seventh Tower” series by Garth Nix, with the tiers idea.

Ohh I’m not familiar with The Seventh Tower, I’ll have to check it out, it’s scifi?

Thanks so much for reading, I’m glad you are digging the comic so far :D You’re coming in at an exciting time, things are starting to pick up, hehehe

As far as I remember it’s a sci-fi/fantasy mix. I read them back when they were new-ish, so I don’t remember all of the details. There’s just the same system of a big tower city, with different tiers marked by their colour. Like Violet is top and Red is bottom, and the “Underfolk” are like the unTiern. It’s just a cool similarity to your setting.

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