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01.03.026 published on 4 Comments on 01.03.026

“It is beneath ALL of us!”

Oh Jun. You may no longer be the star athlete you once were in the original comic, but you’ve still got that weird honor complex going on…

Today’s update is a few hours late on account of me accidentally deleting the whole website while trying to upload :D Thankfully that monumental crisis was averted and we still have a comic to read, YAY!!

No giant updates this week..I’m still putting the finishing touches on the print pdfs, so we hopefully will have physical comics for sale very soon! PLEASE TO LOOK FORWARD TO IT.

See you guys next week, and don’t forget to leave some comment love <3


Jun!! Haha, love the vacation panel. I wonder if Jun objects to this Truly Generous Humanitarian Aid because they’re taking advantage of people, or if “recovering goods” isn’t supposed to be done through trade at all and that’s what rubs him the wrong way. Glad to see the comic back on the internet, and I’m pleased to look forward to the print version, those covers look sick

LOL chances are … both? Mostly he is just a total stickler for protocol, which he is about as far away from as he can get right now. Bad news is I don’t think he’s gonna get much closer with upcoming events X)

Yes I too am very excited for the paper releases! The test prints are so shiiiiiny and nice :3 Those minimal covers were a bit of a risk but I really like how they turned out :X

“Put on vacation *intense stare* >:O”

I never saw the original version of this story, so I don’t have a clue what’s going on with this character haha

Haha well that’s probably better for you XD In the old comic Jun was a superstar athlete who was also super old fashioned and hung up on being honorable…he was constantly trying to rescue Reagan (which she hated) and even refused to help Rain in a fight cause it would ‘sully his honor.’ A real charmer XD

The reboot version is some of the same essence but a bit less entitled and hopefully a bit more likeable, haha. Believes in hard work and doing the right thing. I’m sure that’s gonna work out well for him in this world :3

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