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01.03.027 published on 2 Comments on 01.03.027


Jun and Rain meet! This will definitely go well…maybe don’t lead with the scary mask next time Rain >_>

Not much on the update front, I’m getting ready for a trip to Europe for 2 weeks and that’s kind of dominating my freetime (London! Paris! Lots of places in Spain!) …but never fear I’ve got a backlog all set to go so there will be no lapse in updating :D

I posted a couple of model sheets over at the PATREON. I think I’m going to add that as a exclusive reward for donating, so if you haven’t yet now would be great time to add your support! I’m so close to my ‘breaking even’ goal, which is crazy and awesome and cool, I appreciate you guys so much!

Leave some comment love if you get a chance! See you guys next week!
<3 Nate

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