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01.03.031 published on 3 Comments on 01.03.031

“Attempting to bribe a Tiern Ambassador…”

Jun clearly takes himself VERY seriously, Rain is in shock, and Emory has had enough. Everything seems to be going well X)

I’m back in the US! Slightly delirious with jetlag but getting by…nothing much to report besides that but hoping to have a big announcement next week so look forward to that!

Thanks everyone for leaving comments last week, I know the new update schedule of just a single page gives you less to react to but it’s definitely still very good to hear folks are out there and into the story! Comment love goes a long way! :D

<3 Nate

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Okay I’ve read through this several times, and I just don’t see where Jun gets off calling them thieves. For all of the illegal sale of tier-specific equipment and modification thereof, in exchange for smuggling them across the boarder; this is only shady business dealings. There is no proof of theft but for Jun’s “confiscation” and destruction of Rain’s property.

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