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01.03.032 published on 4 Comments on 01.03.032

“Uh oh.”

Emory will forever be known for her subtlety. I’m excited for this because I’ve been waiting to have her use her electric chainsaw/sword for SO LONG. Even if Jun doesn’t look too happy about it X) Bye bye barrier.

If you are a fan of today’s page and curious at all as to how it was made, I’m happy to announce the PSD will be available for the curious on PATREON for all $5+ patrons!

If you haven’t supported the comic yet and want to lift the lid on my horrifying creative process (spoilers: there are a lot of color coded layers)

Only other announcement is I am still waiting on some finalization of the printed copies of leveL, but I’m very excited to offer them SOON!

Until then, enjoy the glowy carnage, and I’ll see you next week!

<3 Nate

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