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01.02.09 published on 2 Comments on 01.02.09

“C’mon…Where are you?”

Appropriate opening line for this week’s update after the events of the last month, haha X)  leveL is back from a forced hiatus due to me losing my cintiq pen over my Winter Vacation.  Classic Nate x_x  Thanks to the folks who contacted me and made sure everything was OK, the whole debacle made me decide though that I need to restructure the opening page of the website so that news updates are more readily apparent…apologies for anyone who felt left out in the cold, but I’m happy to say we’re back on track!!

Single page update this week as I fall back into my normal routine and recover from all the holiday travel, I can’t tell ya how nice it is to be able to sit down and comic again :3

On another exciting note, I returned home to see a special something had arrived from the printers:

Book2 Book3

Book4 Book5


FFFFFF, printed leveL!!  This is a test of the first chapter curtesy of the fabulous people at and I gotta say I am beyond impressed with the quality of the print.  Colors look great, pages are nice, the cover is super professional and shiny.  IT’S LIKE A REAL COMIC GUYS.

I have to make a few adjustments to some things, but we aren’t very far off from the ability to own a hardcopy leveL book of your own!  Happy Nate is happy.

WOO!  So look forward to that and enjoy today’s page…I’ll be back in two weeks with another update, seeya guys on 2/7/2014.  Man, it’s good to be back.


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